Why date nights are important to us!

Why date nights are so important to us!

So, this is a blog that obviously won’t be for everyone. If you don’t like lovey dovey stuff I suggest you leave now. Since being with Matthew he has definitely brought out a different side of me and let’s just say I can be a bit cringe… so can he though. Perfect for each other I would say 😉

Let me just start off by saying myself and Mathew have spent majority of our relationship in lockdown and we have still managed to do so much. It doesn’t matter if date nights are out out or at home. Date night is what you make it.

Why we love date night:

I love date night so much because of the idea of spending time together without any interruptions, making memories together and just be a bit more romantic with each other. I like the fact we get dressed up and make ourselves look and feel better. I would like to say we try to get a photo of us but I think we have about 4 from date nights, we normally just get too side tracked.

Always good to spend time together and brings back good memories of when we first started dating, keeps the flame lit I’d say.

Dates at home vs going out:

As I said, we have spent most of our time together in lockdown so we have probably had more date nights in the house then out. Our date nights at home normally end up with me being super drunk, I’m no good at beer pong. We sometimes make dinner together but usually it’s a take away. Myself and Matthew have a great collection of games now! We have been on a few date nights out too, we love staying away for the night in a hotel but it’s not easy at the moment. We usually go out for dinner, go somewhere after and then head back for an early night because you know, being parents is tricky! We went to go ape one time which is one to remember, climbing trees in basically a thunder storm was not great but we made memories haha.


(At home) – Take away, drinks and games! Or pizza in bed with a movie. (Either way get a take away!)
(Going out) – Going for a nice meal then bowling, golf or even just playing pool simple but good fun and I love to win 😬

What date nights / day do you want to do?


I like to do anything a bit different to the normal, so something we haven’t done before. As we are a new couple we stilll have so much to do. I really want to go on a spa day together, we did get a massage together on holiday but I want a full spa day. I also have a date night bucket list, so we have been ticking them off as we go. I will add a picture of it below.

One for indoors is painting a canvas together with drinks, sounds weird but I could imagine it being funny. Cocktail making followed by a fat juicy steak somewhere, can’t go wrong. One for the summer if we’re not still
locked up I’d love to drive down to the nearest beach take food, drinks, blankets. (very cheesy 😉). Spontaneous dates are the best.

(Cheeky bugger has basically told you some of our plans for valentines day… if he carries on with spilling the future blog post ideas then he wont be on the blog again! hehe, only joking. )

Basically the most important thing about a date night or day is to spend quality time together and making memories. It could be as simple as watch a film together with no phones or dinner at the table just you two, add some candles to jazz it up. Whenever we have a date night I feel like we continue to get along much better, there is always a time where you start bickering at each other for stupid reasons and a quick little date night will help show love to one another.

I am far from a relationship guru so I hope you don’t take this blog the wrong way but I feel like Myself and Matthew have done extremely well to stick together throughout this crazy pandemic and lockdowns. We have both had long relationships previous to one another and have both said that we feel totally different about one another to how we did before in other relationships. We must be doing something well haha.

Anyways, I am starting to ramble on now and I wanted this to be short and sweet. I have a few more blog ideas in the pipe line so I hope to get them written up for you all soon. Thank you all for all your support, I really do appreciate it all. Even just all the love on Instagram, the likes and comments always cheer me up so much. I hope you all decide to have a cheeky date night soon, please make time for your loved ones and show them you appreciate them.


Jade x


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