Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

This is going to be a bizarre blog to say the least (anyone else think of tik tok every time they say the word bizarre now? “how bizzare”). Last year was just the most crazy year, for everyone but for us as a family it was such a big mixture of emotions. In this blog im going to just have a little reminisce over the year and fill you in with what to expect for 2021. That’s if Boris doesn’t ruin this year for us too. Jokes aside I do feel a bit sorry for Boris, he is dammed if he does something and dammed if he doesn’t. He literally cant win, anyway enough of the boring stuff lets talk about 2020. I have a feeling this will be a long read so why don’t you go grab a cuppa…


I am going to be honest with you and tell you I’m looking through Instagram to see what we got up to because, my memory is awful and I don’t want to miss out anything. So according to Instagram I didn’t post much in January, what a brilliant start. We visited paradise wildlife park with our friends Ben (Harry) and Sophie and their little girl Poppy. This place is honestly one of our favourite places, I’ve lost count on how many times we have been.

In February we was super lucky to have our first big collaboration with a company called Tonies UK, if you have been following us for a while you would have seen them. I highly recommend and I have actually got a review on my blog already that you can read, just click here. I had a galentines night out with Imogen and Bonnie, got a bit messy and some photos are hilarious, probably wont upload them to here though, soz.


So I think I have come to realize I didn’t do much at the beginning of the year now as now we are on march. Lennon also went for his first sleepover with his bestie India, he had the most amazing time. Myself & Matthew went on a night out to watch my fave fellow DJ Mark Hicks with Flaminco 30. Lily 3rd wheeled us bless her. The following day curing a hangover we went to our first ever Raver Tots, I wasn’t expecting much of this but Myself and Matthew had the most amazing time. Lennon loved the music but didn’t like it when they kept lobbing out confetti everywhere haha. End of March I was told I had to isolate for 14 days as I had a slight temperature of 37.7 and this is when Covid had just come about for us really. We didn’t do much other then play in the garden with the sun shining, went on walks and watched the body coach on Youtube.

April hit us faster then we thought as we was now in lockdown, I was furloughed at work but unfortunately Matthew still worked the whole way through. The only thing we was getting dressed for was a walk in the woods, we went to whippy woods and Aldenham country park a lot. Kids stuff crazy sent us goodies to keep us occupied in lockdown, we have been brand ambassadors for them for a while, I also have a blog about them here. Then something exciting happened for once, EASTER! We tried to make it as special as we could, little set up for the little man in the morning, we did a few Easter egg hunts and lots of Easter crafts. Lennon become obsessed with books, I also become obsessed with buying him books which resorted in us having to get a book case. I forced Lennon to ride his bike and he is now a little pro bmxer.

In May we continued to be in lockdown and I was still on furlough, so we did a shit load of more walks, we went for a walk in Chesyln Gardens and had a social distanced picnic with my Mother, Sister and Niece. Oh Goodness, I did a post about Lennon waking up at 5:30am every morning and god do I remember. I have always been so lucky with Lennon and his sleep so when he was doing this it affected me so much. I was asked how I felt about going back to work in June and I was lucky to stay on furlough for another month. We also collaborated with the amazing Twist shake, we still collaborate with them now and love all their products. Whoops, another collaboration, this time with a company called Books 2 Door UK. This came at the most perfect timing for us as Len was still obsessed with books, I have written a blog here that you can read. Did anyone else use the Boris bikes during Lockdown? My first time in May was with Lily, I defiantly didn’t realize how unfit I was. Elmer day was a lot of fun for us, It’s one of my favourite books so we made lots of Elmer crafts and joined in with the hash tag on Instagram for a bit of fun. How much fun are water balloons, we went through tonnes. We would fill them all up and wait for Matthew to get home from work and then Bam. Surprise water balloon fight before he even gets to say “I’m home”.

June, The month that BLM started, this is a very controversial matter but we shared our love and joined in with #Blackourtuesday. I am repeating myself now, but… more walks happened, we found the most beautiful place called Bentley Prior where you can feed Deer’s. Camping, one of the things I did a lot as a child and I wanted Lennon to experience it too. We obviously couldn’t book anywhere as we was in Lockdown still but somethings were being lifted slightly. We went and camped in Matthew’s Mum and Dads garden, we popped up the tent, had a fire and basically stayed out all night. We all loved it so much so I wrote a post, click here if you want to have a read. A week later I packed my bags and headed to my Dads for the weekend. He had just got a place near the beach so it was the perfect little trip away without actually being classed as a trip away. It was strange though as this was the first night Myself and Matthew had been separated for months but we got over it and he came to meet us the next day. Matthew enjoyed his first ever Fathers day, well I hope he did. He has been the best person to step up to be Lennon’s Father figure, we appreciate everything he does for us. (Sorry putting the soppy card away now). We visited the amazing Razzle Dazzle shop, my bestfriends shop which was open again now, poor shop has had it hard this year. I probably shouldn’t have but I had a little play date in the garden with my niece Mae and Lennon’s bestie India. Matthew and Ben hired out a bouncy castle for the day, Lennon and Poppy liked it but the adults enjoyed it way more. The last thing we did in June was visit our fave place, paradise wildlife park with my biscuits. Jem and Charlotte, both Matt’s and Lennon. Was the most needed day out before returning to work. 

In July I returned to work, as Lockdown was over places were beginning to open up again so Matthew being him booked us a night away with a lovely meal out. After being in a new relationship, moving in together very quickly and living together through a pandemic. I think it was a well needed break for us both, thinking about it. I can’t wait to be able to do it again. The children’s parks were open so it meant we could explore a little more again, I was avoiding parks because I didn’t want to upset Len by saying he couldn’t go inside. So we went in tonnes as soon as we could, he loved them so much and we made sure we took hand sanitizer everywhere so we could wipe our hands after we was finished. Another day date with India, we went to Cassiobury park for a picnic with Matthew, his Mum and Dad. We spent a lot of time in families gardens this month, spending quality time with family as we knew our dear Nanny Betty was getting more poorly each day. We spent the day at Claire and Perry’s using the huge garden and new hot tub. My Nanny Betty passed away in this month, although we all knew it was happening it still shocked us all so much. She battled Altizemers for a few years but during Lockdown she deteriorated so much due to not being able to see anymore. Loosing her broke the whole family but we all stayed super strong for our Grandad Nick. My Dad was super brave and came down and took Lennon to his for the weekend with my brother. This meant Myself and Matthew has time to ourselves and if I remember right the first night we stayed in bed with a takeaway and watched films and was probably asleep by 11. The second night Matthew being the amazing guy he is booked us another hotel closer to my Dad’s so that the drive wasn’t as long to go collect the boys. Matthew is one for surprises but… telling you the surprise before you do it haha. He booked for us to do Go Ape, something I wanted him to do for so long as I love it but he isn’t the best with heights. I am so proud of him because he did do the whole course and it was the most horrendous weather. We was basically in the trees in a storm, at one point I thought we would get hit by lightning. I was even a bit scared doing it this time so I can imagine he was pooping himself the whole entire time. To end July with a bang we visited a drive in cinema, what an experience this was. I loved it, we went to watch pretty women, I obviously chose the film but I don’t think Matt minding watching the gorgeous Julia Roberts. The service at Luna drive in was amazing, the staff whizzed about on scooters to deliver you food, in which we ordered far too much. The views around us was amazing too, we went to the one at Knebworth House. 

August. What a horrible start, we had our Nanny Betty’s funeral, the worst thing was that not all our family could come and say their goodbyes. Myself and My sisters read out a poem that my Brother had written, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done but something that made me so proud of myself and them. I attended a garden party to say goodbye to some of the BLS Ladies, still miss you both so much. I defiantly needed a good drink and being with those ladies helped cheer me up. I got to be a part of another collaboration with Cyxus glasses which hide the blue light. I am wearing some of them right now, I still need to do my review, whoops. Matthew actually managed to surprise me with a date night, we went to Mr. Mulligans golf in Stevenage, we then headed back to his parents and had a few drinks with them. Bowling, something I didn’t think I would have done this much this year, we went for the first time in August and Lennon loved it, We had our turn at having little lady India for a sleepover, they made cakes, had matching tops to wear to bed and watched Lion King until they fell asleep. I obviously loved to have a drink this month as I went for cocktails with my bestie Kerri, I remember we ended up ordering 2 each at a time. Not a clue how many we drunk in the end but poor Matthew had to give us the lift home. This is one of my highlights of the year, our first holiday together. We was supposed to go to Croatia, but they were put on the list and Portugal came off so we quickly snapped up a holiday for ourselves. It was one of the most hardest thing leaving Lennon to go somewhere so far away from him and for a week. The longest I have ever left him was a weekend. 

September. We were on holiday, living our best life. Getting tanned, eating shit loads of food and drinking far too much. We made some amazing memories and I cannot wait to get away with him again. When we came back we headed to Tgi’s and bowling for my niece Rosie’s birthday. This time it was her first time bowling and Matthew still didn’t let her win, Meany! The weekend after we headed to Great Yarmouth for our first family holiday, a caravan holiday! This was a rollercoaster holiday, a lot different to a normal caravan holiday because of all the rules but it is what you make it and we made it the most amazing adventure for the kids. We also went with our friends and their children so no matter what we did, the children had a whale of a time. All the rest of my pictures in September are just uploads of our trips away as I was clearly very sad to be home. 

In the Beginning of October we packed our bags again and went to house sit for my cousins whilst they went away, we loved having our own space and looking after little Rufus the Rabbit. Although I don’t like the fact he steals chocolate. I also started looking after our little Frankie on a Thursday, we love doing lots of arts and crafts. Halloween is approaching so we have been doing lots of arts and crafts, we was gifted some lovely Halloween cakes from Bakeology. They taste amazing! We visited the pop up farm which is tradition for Myself, Kerri and Lennon to do. We nearly didn’t make it to go, we got tickets very last minute. Our friends had a Halloween party for just us and the children, its the same family we went to Great Yarmouth with so Lennon was super happy to be seeing the girls again. Myself and Matthew did our own face paint and Lennon dressed up as Hulk. I didn’t bother buying an outfit as he doesn’t really like dressing up so I brought him pj’s so he got a lot more wear out of them. 

November. Finally getting somewhere now, I feel like I have been typing for ages. I am sorry if this is too long for anybody haha. I posted a photo from a night out in October in November. I didn’t post it in October because I was spiked on the night out and it made me very poorly. I was also a bit too embarrassed to even upload the photo whoops. Just before Lockdown 2 happened we managed to get booked in with the huge trampoline park called Jump. We took Lennon there as a treat for a reward on his chart and because we knew he would be stuck indoors again for ages. One thing we could still do was visit the skate park, we did this a lot this month because we kept visiting our Grandad who lives round the corner. When I say visit, my Mother is the carer and we waved from outside. Feeding the deer’s at Bentley Prior is so relaxing, if you live close by you should defiantly go and visit. We had the biggest shock to the family when we sadly lost our Grandad Nick. I don’t think any of us expected this and some of us it was very hard to overcome, especially myself. The only thing that kept me positive was knowing that he was now happy with our Nanny Betty and their dog Teddy. One thing that did cheer us up was getting out for socially distanced walks, Gruffalo hunts are always fun, Lennon and Poppy love them. 

December. I spent my birthday in Lockdown which was fine with me, spending it with my loved ones and not having to get dressed. Perfect! We was allowed out the day after my birthday so I went shopping with my girl Charlotte. Lennon loves getting his hair cut now, think he had a crush on his hair dresser, he can be a right little flirt. Lennon turned 3. How the fuck has that happened. My little baby boy is now a threenager and don’t we know it, the attitude on him. Lennon was allowed people to come round from different households but only a certain number at a time. He loved seeing everyone especially when they brought him a present haha. Christmas eve, Lennon was ready with his pj’s on, left out food for santa and put his stocking next to his little tree in his room. Although we didn’t get the Christmas we wanted and to spend time with family we still made the most of it. Christmas day was all about Lennon and he loved it, I got a switch and lets be honest I havent come off it since I opended it. Matthew is the same and already completed one of the games, cheeky bugger. New years was lovely and chilled too, we wasnt supposed to but we went to Matts parents, just us 5. We had the most amazing steak pie made by Matthew’s Mum, then a few drinks and listened to music. Very chilled but exactly what we wanted and needed. 


This year I am not getting my hopes up on too much, I just want to stay healthy and spend time with family. I would love to get on holiday or a trip away somewhere and would love to move into our own little home together. I have tried to set myself a challenge of doing monthly goals. My January goals are below and as you can see some of them have been broken already, I wrote them before we went into Lockdown 3. 

My January Goals:
🥅 More date nights (in or out)
🥅 Write 2 blog posts
🥅 Explore a new park with my boys
🥅 Try not to get too addicted to my Nintendo switch  
🥅 Book a spa day with my love @mattchewmcgee
🥅 Remember to brush my hair everyday
🥅 Only 2 takeaways a month (haha won’t happen)
🥅 Attempt to get Lennon dry at night
🥅 Drinks with the girls (somehow)
🥅 Try and remember to do monthly goals (Defo not going to happen)

So, I am most defiantly addicted to my switch, animal crossing! I haven’t brushed my hair everyday and I highly doubt ill get drinks with the girls. Maybe I can arrange a zoom call or something. Also, we are having a takeaway tonight… so I will probably fail that too, what a brilliant start to January. Broken goals by day 8 haha. 

Anyways, I think this blog is by far the longest one I have written. If you have made it to the end well done you, you deserve a medal and another hot cuppa. I do plan to write some more blogs and I do have a few ideas up my sleeve so keep your eyes peeled. 

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment! 

Jade x


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