Lockdown 2

Lockdown 2

We survived it once we can survive it again. Just a huge fucking ball ache if you ask me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the COVID situation, but I really don’t know what to believe anymore. Anyways, here is another blog of me just chatting pure shit about what I think of life right now. If you want to continue to read, I would grab a cuppa, gin or something. I feel like this is going to be a long one, probably not as organized as the last. Just going to write down exactly what I’m thinking right now, winging it…

How I feel about it

I am feeling pretty calm about the whole situation mainly because I am still working which means I have a routine still. I am defo someone who needs routine in life to survive. So, working 3 days a week and Nannying on a Thursday morning has helped the idea massively. We always just chill on a Thursday anyway and Fridays we normally do crafts or a walk so we have been doing the same. Lennon has recently found a huge love for the skate park, he is actually sooooo good too. Being able to continue to take him there and to different parks is so handy. The weekends we are normally visiting friends or family or going on days out which of course I miss but I like the fact we can be more lazy and chill more. Just means more food in the house as we all like to comfort eat. We will still go on family walks and thanks to baker ross I purchased a huge box of crafts to keep us busy up till Christmas. I do plan on doing some baking but not going to pressure myself too much. Today I had annual leave and got so many random little things done around the house, for example, tackled the huge Christmas pile and wrapped it all up, from now on when I get something delivered I will wrap it up to save the huge pile to do on Christmas eve.

How Lennon feels about it

If I am totally honest, he has no flipping clue. He loves to wear a mask everywhere we go now which actually makes me a bit sad that my soon to be three-year-old recognises we need a mask to do anything. He is of course loving all the crafts and different activities at home. But every time we go on a walk now he wants to go to the skate park, which we obviously aren’t going to be able to do. Lennon is constantly asking to see certain people though, who we would see during the week or at weekends. He doesn’t really understand why and he does get upset when I say we can’t. In the last lockdown he would get super upset if we went to visit people to wave and would cry so much when we left, I am praying that he doesn’t get like that again.

Worrying about going on furlough

As much as life was lovely being on furlough I am dreading it. I don’t want to have to be off work again, no routine, mess Lennon’s routine up again. Euughh. No thank you. He has recently started in the next room up (Preschool) and he wakes up so excited to go to nursery and play with the “Big boys and girls”. He comes home so happy too and actually tells me what he has been getting up too. (No secrets here Bailey & Measha)


As some of you are aware I’ve been doing my lessons this year and basically been ready to take my test for a while now. I have it booked in January (obviously not saying the date) and I have the worst feeling we will be locked down again by the time. Lessons are currently stopped too and I won’t lie I am super anxious about my test because of no constant lessons. To top it off my theory ends at the end of January and the government/DVLA are assholes and not extending it. Even though the country has been locked down for the majority of the year and unable to do anything about it. Yes, I am temped to get a petition signed to make them change this. Who would sign it for me?


My birthday is 1st December, so I already know I’m in lockdown for it. I am pretty happy to have a lay in (Please Matt), chill all day, get a takeaway and then a Harry Potter Marathon. Whereas for Lennon’s birthday which is on the 18th December I wanted to take him to Shrek’s adventure. I have wanted to take him there since last year and it doesn’t look like we will be able to go which is so frustrating. Lennon will have a great day no matter what as he will be amazed by all the presents. No doubt he will want to go out on his new bike that he is getting too so at least that’s something we can do. Matts birthday is 2nd January so possible another lockdown birthday but I have a few surprises up my sleeve for that. Mothers birthday is 27Th January so yet again another lockdown birthday. Lets just hope I look back at this and I’m wrong, we can celebrate Lennon’s, Matt’s and Mother’s like we want too.


I am a great lover of Christmas, one to always put the tree up in November etc. I like to be crafty, get cosy and watch all the Christmas films. I can luckily still do everything that I love except the Christmas days out. I am furious I cant go to Winter Wonderland this year, its mine and Lennon’s tradition which has now been broken. This year for Christmas we were always having dinner at home so that’s still the same. I think my Dad will be joining us too. Yes, he is from a different household, he lives on his own and quite frankly I don’t give a shit. I won’t have my Dad at home on his own for Christmas. I do believe that good old Boris will change the rules for Christmas as he will know that they will get broken and people will still see family etc. I always visit garden centres at Christmas which we can still currently do. I have a slot booked to see Santa on the 10th December, who thinks we will make it to that? I’m not making anymore plans until the foreseeable as I can’t deal with everything getting cancelled.

My future lockdown predictions

I have predicted that Lockdown will be extended, I will be put on furlough for December and Lockdown will open up for 2/3 days over Christmas but only for 2 households to mix or something along the lines. Then after will be in lockdown again for a further 4/6 weeks and everything will be back to how lockdown started in the summer. Essential shopping only, no parks etc. I pray I am wrong but it’s what I think will happen.

Like I said in the beginning, we got through one lockdown, we can get through another. We just all need to remember that we are all going through this together, some worse than others but we need to stay strong and support one another. Try not to stress, take each day as it comes and talk to people if you need too. My inbox is open for anyone at any time and I am willing to help whoever whenever or wherever I can.

Thanks again for listening/reading to me ramble on, sorry if I bored you a bit but I just winged this one. I wanted to do a post as its been a few months and I set myself a target to get it done today. I am currently thinking of some new content and of course I have some product reviews yet to still upload. I honestly don’t have any excuses of why I havent managed to get them up yet, I just get distracted way to easily.

Stay Safe.

Jade x


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