“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet”.

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Back in May I was kindly gifted this bundle of books from Books2doorUK. Anyone who knows me will already know how much I love having books around, for myself and Lennon. I have always found it so important to be reading to him. Ever since my baby shower, I asked for books from everyone as a present and we still have all of them. Let’s just say our book collection is huge and forever growing, I can’t help but buy him books all the time.

I chose books for both of us, which was super easy to do, very simple website which is great but choosing books was hard because there is so many and at such great prices. Lennon got a pack of 5 Bing books, pack of Norman books which came in a cute little stand, the little book worms’ book and the Aliens love underpants tin. The Aliens love underpants tin contained; a puzzle, a book, a colouring book with pencils, and a poster which you can also colour in. I chose the 3 set of books called the potion diaries, they are a mixture between Princess Diaries and the Hunger Games.

Lennon’s favourite books out of them all must be the Bing and Alien love underpants books. I often find him sitting and reading the books by himself, looking at the pictures and just talking about what he can see in the pictures. He loves doing the puzzle and colouring book from the Aliens love underpants tin too.

I have started my books but keep falling asleep to quickly, being back to work is draining me so I’ve not needed to read to sleep recently. BUT… I am holding on to them to take on our holiday (Praying that we can still go) in August to Croatia. I won’t have Lennon with me there so I will be able to sunbathe and read, I am super excited. Let’s just hope Matt doesn’t interrupt me instead. From what I have started I am totally hooked; I love Princess Diaries and The Hunger Games so as soon as I saw they were like that I knew I would love them.

The thing I loved about this company was that the prices were so reasonable, they had good deals on and such a good variety of books. I got all the stuff for around £30 which I think is amazing, the delivery was super quick too. They do fiction, non-fiction, collections, all different ages and authors. You can collect book points, which allows you to spend your points on purchases when you have gained enough. There is also a free delivery on all orders over £30.

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These are a few things I have my eye on at the moment.

David Walliams Children Picture Book Collection 5 Books Illustrated By Tony Ross Deluxe - Ages 0-5 - Hardback - Books2Door

Click for link to David Williams Collection.

A Case of Good Manners 12 Children's Board Books - Ages 0-5 - Board Books - Karen Carter, Jenny Feely - Books2Door

Click for link to A case of good manners collection. 

Elmer 10 Book Collection in a Bag - Ages 0-5 - Paperback - David McKee - Books2Door

Click here for the link to the Elmer collection.

Thank you so much for reading, I do have a fair few product reviews to do so keep your eyes peeled. I have been sent some exciting things to try out and I am super excited to write the reviews up. If any of you decide to do an order with Books2doorUK then please let me know what you order.

Jade x


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