Paradise Wildlife Park

“Live for the moment you can’t put into words”

Last weekend we visited Paradise Wildlife Park with a few of our best friends (and one soon to be famous friend [from The Spitfires]) and had the most wonderful day. It was nice being back to normalish and being able to have a day out. Social distancing was kind of in place, the park had set out all the rules, signs etc but some people just don’t stick to it. As a group we tried to stay away from people around us and keep our own distance, we had hand sanitisers and took our own lunch. We made the most of our day considering the weather was a bit crappy, it rained a little bit but we didn’t let it spoil our day. Last time we went to the park Lennon was petrified of the Dinosaur part, this time he got brave and enjoyed it a lot more. I won’t talk about it too much as I have a video for you to watch.

If you have any other questions about how going on a day out during these crazy times with social distancing happening then please don’t hesitate to ask.

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2020-06-29 08.47.14 1

This blog is a bit different then usual, not much writing but I wanted to upload it as its amazing to look back on. Hope you all liked it, Don’t forget to like, comment and follow.

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