Returning to work/ nursery

“The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance”. 

So. Tomorrow. I return to work & Lennon returns to nursery. Yep. After being in lockdown for 3 months 3 weeks because of a pandemic. We are heading back to a routine life but still cannot do everything we used to. This is going to be strange.

How I feel: 

My anxiety is through the roof, I’m not entirely sure how I feel but what I am feeling now isn’t great. I’m stuck between wanting to go back to routine but nervous about what’s going to happen. Will everything go back to normal, or will we end up going back into lockdown. Lockdown has messed Myself & Lennon up more then I first thought. I honestly just don’t want to go back to work then have to take Lennon out again, imagine how confusing that’s going to be for him.

Lennons settle sessions:

Considering Lennon started nursery at the age of 9 months he has never ever cried going into nursery, never. He has obviously had a few meltdowns when we were there but never started crying before we got there. 

I knew he would struggle to go back, so I asked if he could have some settle sessions with the children he will be in a bubble with. My work understood and said yes. So we went in twice last week, Tuesday & Friday.

Tuesday: Lennon was so excited to see his friends, I had been talking to him about it and trying to prep him as much as I could. He went in and was chatting to the front desk fine. As soon as he went down the corridor to his room where I wasn’t allowed to go with him, complete meltdown. Cried and cried for ages, I could see on the camera the whole time which helped massively but at the same time I just wanted to go in and comfort him. He went to a few different staff in his bubble, didn’t play with any children and didn’t even want to sit down for food. These things are nothing like what he was like before he left. It was really hard for me to watch, I even ended up ripping off my gel nails as I was so stressed. He ended up eating something on the carpet far away from all the children which made me so sad. I couldn’t leave him much longer so then decided to take him home.

Friday: I told him in the morning that we was going to go for lunch. He had already started saying No. And that he wanted to go to Asda. Bloody Asda! He cried and cried on the way to nursery and continued to cry once he was in there. He wouldnt talk to any of the staff and basically wanted to be on his own. My heart was breaking. I got chatting to the manager to occupy myself. Then I turn round to the camera and he is playing. YAY! PURE RELIEF. I then decided not to look at the camera anymore. I wanted till after he finished lunch and then I asked the girls to bring him down. He came running down, was so so excited to see me and he told me he had all his lunch. But the greedy bugger had 3 lots of lasagne, 3 lots of garlic bread and all his pudding. Now that’s my boy.

All weekend I have been trying to prep him even more, we have been getting his nursery bag ready together. Which he seems to be loving but also taking all the stuff back out. Slightly annoying. I’ve been trying to get him some new shoes just for nursery as he is a sucker for some new shoes (like his Mum) and I hope that will help just that little bit more.

What’s different with Lennon: 

I decided I would write down a few things that are different with Lennon since the beginning of lockdown and wow. He has changed so much. His speech is incredible now, he maybe talks too much. And his attitude is something else. I am dreading the threenager stage. We have worked so hard on his numbers, colours, shapes and alphabet too. He dooesn’t sleep much in the day anymore, unless super tired or unwell. He is allowed tomato’s again, although he isn’t too keen on them so doesn’t tend to eat them. Toilet training is done. Finally. Keep meaning to write a separate post about that, I’ll get there! But yes, he does wees and poos on the potty or toilet now. Very rarly has an accident but sometimes he does think he has longer then he does and dribbles. I think that’s a boy thing though. 

Things that have changed there:

I haven’t really had all the information about what has changed as a staff member yet, just a parent. But… a lot has changed.

The rooms have changed round a lot to try and make it easier for bubbles to work. Which is another new thing, the rooms are split into Bubbles. Which means the children will stay with the exact same children/staff throughout their time at nursery. The parents have to take children through the outside via the gardens to get to the rooms unless they are in preschool, which means they still continue to go through reception. This should help queues of parents as the parents have to drop at the door now, they aren’t allowed in the rooms at all. We have specific start and finish times, each room has half and hour between each time. For example, baby room 8-5, toddler room 8:30-5:30 and preschool is 9-6. Lennon is in toddler room, I am in babies so I am having to do Lennon’s times as he isn’t allowed in the setting before his room is open. The children and staff will have their temperatures taken before entering the building. I have been told that the staff will still be acting as normal around the children from baby room and toddler room, they will still get cuddles and any comforting they will need where as in pre school they are attempting to do the 2m distance as much as possible. I am happy about this as Lennon has been so unsettled and I would be so so angry of he didn’t even get a cuddle to comfort him. As a staff member I know that I the staff room is very restricted so I will be joining my Nan & Grandad for lunch in the garden. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain! We have all had to have covid 19 training too. Which I actually havent done yet, I will be doing it tomorrow.

2020-06-18 08.22.08 1

As I am unaware about how the day is actually going to go I am planning to do another post about how our first week went. If Lennon actually settled, if there was any more rules etc.

Thanks for reading, I hope this may help people understand more about nursery and the rules now in place. Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything, if you can relate and are anxious about returning to work, or have any other questions I didn’t cover.

Don’t forget to like, comment and follow. Please all wish my luck tomorrow and think of me with a full room of babies that haven’t been to nursery for months. Keep an eye on my Instagram for any updates throughout the day.

Jade x



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