Camping in the garden

“Camping is when friends and marshmallows get toasted together”

So as we couldn’t get away on our holidays we had booked this year. Matt had the idea of camping in the garden, I have always been one for camping holidays and did them a lot as a child. I was so up for it, especially to make memories with Lennon too.

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We had a crazy busy morning before we went to our secret location (Matt’s Mum & Dad’s house) to camp. When we arrived we brought all of our stuff in, got the BBQ lit ready to have food and whilst Matt was doing that myself & his Mum made the tent. Took us all of 5 minutes as it was literally 3 poles and the tent popped up. Quickly added some pegs to hold it down and we was done. As soon as the tent was up, Lennon was so excited and very eager to get all his toys inside. He was in and out for the rest of the day so we didn’t actually set the bed up just yet.

BBQ amazing, we over done it on the food though and some did get wasted. Lennon loves sausages and burgers so BBQs are his face at the moment. Not long after our food the heavens opened. It chucked it down. We threw everything we could in the tent and in the outhouse. The rain didn’t last long and had stopped after about 15 minutes, we then lit the fire to toast some marshmallows before it rained again. Lennon loved holding the stick to melt the marshmallows. To all the mum police reading this… Yes I did let him stand near a fire and hold a stick over it. I know my son and he is capable of doing this and I was just next to him incase anything happened. So bore off before trying to tell me off. Whilst toasting the marshmallows we realised that none of us actually like toasted marshmallows and we prefer to just eat them normally. Do you like toasted marshmallows? I soon realised Lennon should probably stop eating so many if I wanted him to go to bed at some point tonight! We also saw the most beautiful rainbow, even had a double rainbow at one point.

Matt got the fire starting properly just as it started to chuck down again. Really quick shower that time though, only lasted a few minutes then settled down. Lennon asked to put some wood on the fire and we let him do one and said it was dangerous now. After I said that he wouldn’t get to close. I then got Lennon in his PJ’s, we got the tent ready for us to sleep in and then we sat by the fire just watching for a while. Lennon was hiding his PJ’s mask figures and making me find them, he also took some sneaky pictures and videos on his tablet. They are hilarious! 

Bed time. I took Lennon to the tent with his dummy and bottle, we read 3 books; monkey puzzle, gruffalo and snail and the whale. Lennon fell asleep pretty quick, I was very surprised. But… As soon as I would try move to come out the tent he would ping his eyes open again. I stroked his head for a bit, just like I did when he was a baby and he was out for the count. I did wait a while before moving, slowly opening the zip and escaping.

Myself, Matt, his Mum & Dad sat around the fire for a bit, having a good old chin wag. Its so relaxing just watching it! Matt’s Mum & Dad went inside after a while and we stayed outside, watching the fire and EATING SNACKS. Of course. It was so chill. After a while we went in to the tent. Tried to be so quiet so we didn’t wake up Lennon. We wrapped up warm to realise it was boiling in the tent and having to take some layers off. It took myself and Matt so long to get to sleep, and then when we did get to sleep it wasn’t for long before we woke up again.

Lennon went to sleep about 9pm and woke at 6am, mainly because of how light it was in the tent. When Matt’s awake he can’t get back to sleep so he left me in the tent to try get some more sleep. I can sleep anywhere normally, I was so uncomfy in the tent but so exhausted I slept for about 3 hours. I woke up so hot I thought I was actually dying! By the time I got up and out the tent, both boys were showered fed and ready for the day. We chilled for the rest of the morning then went home and napped. We bloody needed it. All of us did.

Overall, our camping trip in the garden was a success. Lennon loved it and keeps asking to have his tent again. One day bub, but next time we are defo using an air bed. (We could of used one before but we were being lazy)

This was just a short & sweet little post, to maybe give you an idea of something to do with your little ones or just to give you something to read.

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Jade x



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