Choosing to stay on furlough.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


Have you gone back to work? Did you have a choice? What would you choose to do? Are you sending your child back to nursery school? How do you feel that the government are using your children as guinea pigs? Well… This is what I have seen all over social media the last few weeks, as soon as we heard the newest update, I was so anxious and in two minds about the whole ordeal. I have written down my thoughts, I wonder if it will help any of you that are still confused about what you want to do.

I have chosen to stay on furlough purely because I don’t think I am ready to send Lennon back to nursery, which obviously means I cannot go to work. I honestly don’t think I want my child to be going to nursery to mingle with other children if he isn’t even allowed to see his family that he dearly misses. He is far too young to know or understand how to social distance too, no matter what they try to do at the nursery to help it just wouldn’t work for any children under 4.

I spoke to my manager on the phone about my decision for a good 45 minutes explaining why and she was on my side for everything I said, I asked her to speak to me as a parent first as I wanted her to treat me the same as the other parents. They had a choice to send the children back so I should have the same treatment. She agreed with most and had actually already put me on a list to continue to stay on furlough.

Some of the reasons why I wanted to stay on furlough; (CONS)

  •  The nursery has a “Bubble” system which they will keep certain children in for the duration of their time at nursery which means they will not be able to interact with any other children outside of the bubble. I know Lennon very well and I know he loves playing with a mixture of children, he is used to playing with everyone so being told he isn’t allowed to play with someone will really upset him. It’s just not something I would feel comfortable doing.
  • Also, how would I know that the other children in Lennon’s bubble has been sticking to the rules, what if they had been in contact with someone who recently had covid 19.
  • As I only work part time, I would be one of the harder members of staff to find a suitable bubble. I also work with babies, so it’s pretty much 1-1, especially for babies who aren’t mobile yet.
  •  Say I went to work, got a temperature I would then be off for 14 days on sick pay, which I cannot afford at all, being a single Mum and I would be paying fees again. (I am luckily not paying anything at the moment). Whereas I could stay on furlough and continue to get my 80%. What would you choose!
  •  I have honestly made the most of my time with my little man, I have realised now how much I miss just on those days he is at nursery. He has got so clever over the last few months. His speech is amazing now too although sometimes I do wish he would just be quiet for an hour or so. So I would like to spend some more time with him, on these walks, in the garden, getting creative and just spending quality time together because we won’t be going on any holidays together like we have done every other year. I want to make the most of these awful months.

The reasons I did want to go back to work; (PROS)

  •  I wanted Lennon to be able to get a break from Me, see friends his own age and just generally be more sociable. Anyone who knows Lennon will know how much he loves to play with other children. He has recently got more anxious when on walks, if people are walking towards him, he comes so close to me now. It’s not nice to see but I feel like this is going to be happening for a long time.
  •  I honestly need a break, it’s not been the easiest few months. I have had good and bad days, but I am so used to having time with my girls, going on date nights with Matt, nights away etc. I am so lucky to have the most amazing friends and family who love having Lennon for the night. and who am I to say no. A Mumma needs a break. I used to feel bad that everyone would have him but realistically he should be visiting his Dad. (Let’s not get into that)
  •  Just getting back into routine, as much as I have tried to stay in a routine at home it’s very easy to fall back out of one. I’m not too bothered though, being happy is more important right now.

As you can see the cons way out the pros. Once I had made my decision and spoke to my manager the relief, I felt was crazy, I had built up such an anxiety over the whole decision. I had spoken to a lot of people, family, friends and over Instagram about what they think about it and what they thought I should do. I know a lot of people haven’t been as lucky as Me, they have been forced back to work which I think is so unfair.

I really do hope that you are all safe, happy and enjoying the weather as much as you can. Hopefully things will get a lot better soon and then we can look back in the future at these sad times and realise how lucky we are to get through it.

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Jade x




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