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“When you put listening and playing together… Something Magical happens!”

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Let your children’s imagination run free. Tonie box and tonies offer endless interactive listening and playing fun without bright screens, scratched CD’s or complicated controls.

A few weeks back we was kindly sent a Starter pack and Cars Tonie to test and review on Instagram. As soon as it was set up we fell in love, we purchased more Tonies straight away. I have only waited this long to do the review to make sure it was as good as I thought straight away. I wont ramble on, just continue to read to find out more.

About the product

Tonies is a Audio box, You get the Tonie, Pop it onto and the box will play the story/song out loud. Yes, its that simple. You need Wi-Fi to set the box up which is super easy and has step by step instructions but once the box is set up you can use it anywhere. I only recently worked this out when we took it to our friends house to show it off. I was fully expecting to set up the Wi-Fi but it just started working as soon as Lennon put the Tonie on top. Once its all set up you can pop the Tonie on top and it will play, as soon as you take it off it will stop, you can switch Tonies and it will just switch straight away. You can get lots of different Tonies to read the story/song, like I said earlier we purchased more as soon as we set it up. I ordered Lennon the Lion King one and Matt ordered the Jungle Book one (Both our fave Disney films). Lennon now has 4 Tonies and 1 creative Tonie. The difference between a Tonie and a creative Tonie is that a Tonie is already pre recorded but a creative Tonie you can connect via your phone and read the audio yourself. There is a lot more you can do with creative Tonies too but ill keep some of it a surprise when you all go order one. There is ears on the top of the Tonie box which is the volume up and down, you can also tap the sides of the box to turn it to the next story/song. You can also buy a carrier case for the audio box to keep it protected when you are going to take it out. The audio box isnt heavy at all so would be easy to take on days out, holidays etc.

Different colours


Carrier Case



These are just some examples of what a Tonie is, this is what you pop on top of the box. The ones below are the ones Lennon has.


The ones below are the ones I want to get Lennon next.


Creative Tonies

toi-starter-set-light-blue-06There is a few different creative Tonies to choose from. I have chosen a few that I would also like to buy eventually. I think the Father Christmas one is super cute and would be lovely to read a letter from Father Christmas through the Tonie box. I love the Grandad one would be one of Lennon’s favourites as he has a very close bond with my Dad but unfortunately he lives far away so doesn’t get to see him much. He would love to be able to hear him talking or reading a story. And the unicorn one, well everyone loves unicorns at the moment.

What we love the most

I love the fact it was so easy to set up and that Lennon is able to use it all by himself. It helps him become more independent because he can choose which one to use, change it and use the Tonie box all by himself without having to ask for help. He literally loves it too, he is always playing with it. Lennon often gets confused and calls it Alexa but we will get there with that. We was all in the garden in the sun the other day and he brought it out and was singing and dancing to the lion king songs (Mummy’s favourite). I love that you can use it wherever you go and the battery life is amazing. I have recommended to so many people already and will continue to recommend. I cant wait to get him some more Tonies and help him grow his collection.

Where to buy?

I found them on Instagram which also led me to the website. Which is amazing, very easy to use, lots of information and they even have a chat room on there if you do struggle with it at all.

Tonies Uk Shop

(Click link above to visit the shop)

They currently have a deal online which means you can get a starter set for a discounted price, I believe it is 15% off.

I will put a link below to send you to the deal on the starter pack.

Starter pack

This is the exact same starter pack that I have for Lennon.

Please go onto the website and have a look for yourself. I really do love this product. They are perfect for children any age and even adults! Would be amazing to keep children entertained during lockdown too.

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Jade x

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