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“Battle time at bath time? Say Hello to crazy soap”

This post is all about a brand I have recently been working with, well for the last few months now. I have been lucky enough to become a brand ambassador for them and its by far the best brand I have worked with. I wasn’t asked to write this post, I just genuinely love the products.


Why I love it?

I love it because Lennon loves it, there is so many different products that you can get which I will explain a bit more about below. The products we use are so versatile, you don’t need to use them just in the bath. They show different ways to use it on their Instagram page, you should go and follow them. Click here to Kid Stuff Crazy Instagram. Lennon has always been obsessed with all the foams, his favourite is pink but he hasn’t tried the new purple one yet. I have used them for all sorts of activitys, inside and outside, in his tuff tray, paddling pool too.


Foam: Four different colours; White, Pink, Blue and the new Unicorn purple.

You can shape this foam in your hands, make it into a ball, throw it up and catch it again. we have probably used this product the most.

Colour changing bubble bath: red to blue and orange to green.

Magic sparkling bubble bath: glittery with a strawberry fragrance.


Frothy Hair & body wash:


Can I just add that all of these products are mild and gentle, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and they are all made in the UK.

Here is some photos of us enjoying the products:

We first started using the products when Lennon had long curly hair and I honestly think the shampoo helped bring his curls out more. 

Where to buy?





-The Range


If you do fancy looking a bit more into this amazing brand then please look at the links below.

Website Instagram Facebook YouTube 

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate all of you reading my blogs, I do apologise because sometimes I do just end up waffling a bit. I have had so many messages since I have started back up again too. As always if there is anything you would like me to write about then please message me.

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