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“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

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I’m writing this on the lead up to Halloween & Christmas, if anyone knows me they know that this is my favourite part of the year. I love celebrating both of these and it also means that mine and Lennon’s birthday is coming up fast. How am I going to be 25 soon & how on earth is Lennon nearly 2. Well he does have an attitude of a 12 year old already!


Lennon is developing in so many areas so quickly, it makes me so excited for the future but so worried because we have full on arguements already and he isn’t even 2 yet. His speech has come on so much, he can copy pretty much everything now and he is stringing sentences together too. He has started counting & remembers some colours, orange seems to be his favourite at the moment. Lennon has really started to get interested in arts and crafts, drawing with felt tip pens & using foam stickers. I hung a picture he made on the door the other week as I was so impressed and now we have a door full! He is still attending nursery 3 days a week and he loves it so much. We do have the occasional moan/cry when I drop him but he is always so busy within seconds. His sleeping has been on and off, all because he is poorly one minute, gets better then starts teething again. That’s another thing, he still doesn’t have all his teeth. Lennon has been seeing his dad and his family a lot more recently too which is really exciting for Lennon, also gives me some time to myself. Lennon now likes to call everyone Daddy though which can be a bit awkward sometimes. We have recently been to visit my dad, went to Devon again which is our favourite place and we loved it. Had breakfast at the beach, went for a long walk and saw family there. We also had Lennon’s little Halloween party at our house, only a few family and friends came this year to try and keep it a bit calmer as last year was wild. All the children loved it which was the main thing!


Of course this paragraph won’t be as long because my whole life revolves around Lennon. But, I am a lot happier then I was a few months ago. I’m happier at work, happier with how things are with Lennon’s dad. Just generally a lot happier overall. I have been making more time for myself recently, even if it’s to pamper myself by having a nice face mask etc. I have been making more plans with the girls, spending time with our friends who also have children & yes, as some of you are aware already I have been speaking to someone too. My Instagram have been loving it, constantly asking me how things are going etc. It’s so cute as they are genuinely so happy for me. I have attended a wedding, visited the Disney cruise line and been on mini trips away. I have still been using Instagram a lot but I have taken a back seat with blogging only because I wasn’t finding the time but I have set myself a target of writing at least one evening a week! So watch this space & lemme know what you want to read. I have been up and down with my weight still but I just haven’t been focusing on it because that puts me down a lot, I have just been going with the flow and I’m ok with that.

Future plans: 

Like I’ve already mentioned I am a huge fan of Christmas, I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping and I already want to put the decorations up. I have been asked to write a blog about presents I have got him and where from etc which could possibly be my next post. We have some exciting things coming up too, we are going to Disney on Ice, my friend is opening her new business, it’s both our birthdays and we have some other plans that aren’t booked yet too. I have a few product reviews I still need to catch up on, I have been working alongside some amazing company’s. Head over to my Instagram to see more of those day to day!

Thank you so much for reading, sorry it’s been a while. Please like, comment and subscribe. Don’t forget to let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about next.

I have just uploaded some photos below of what we have been up to recently!

Jade x


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