Travelling with a toddler

“Holidays with young kids isn’t about holiday, (because lets face it, its beyond exhausting), it’s about making memories”.


Waking him up in the morning was the most exciting thing to do, I knew where we was going and what was about to be happening but he did not. He woke up so moody, didn’t want to get ready and quite frankly wanted to go back to sleep. With a struggle I eventually got him ready to go and we was just waiting for our taxi. He was only in a babygrow so didn’t take that long to get him ready, I just didn’t want to upset him too much before we had to leave as it was only 4am! My friend had messaged me to say she was on route so we got our shoes on and just waited for her to arrive. Whilst we waited Lennon had leaked, yep. What bloody good timing Lennon you pain in my ass. So I then I started to stress a little, my mum was rushing around trying to find another babygrow and vest and I was trying to fight my baby to undress him. We finally got him ready again just in time for my friend to arrive to collect us. Lennon was so confused at first in the taxi, he wasn’t normally up and out the house this early and we had also met up with the people we was going with. He loved the fact that he could see out the window in his car seat though as he can’t normally, this taxi was a big one so the seats were high up.

At the airport Lennon was just in awe of everything, it was all so new and he was just staring at everything. I kept him in his buggy right until we got to security and then he had to come out and I wasn’t about to fight him to put him back in the buggy. Also we was about to go have breakfast and I wanted to tire him out anyway. The check in was really easy, we went to the check in desk for if you have children so they did it all for you instead of the self check in. Security was fine too, I was super worried that I would get questioned as Lennon’s got a different surname to me and I’ve heard a lot of bad things about this recently. It all went smoothly but I had everything I needed in case we did get questioned. We then had breakfast at wheather spoons, I just ordered myself food and Lennon had a bit of everyone’s. He was given one of his new toys here too, which kept him occupied for about 25 seconds.

After breakfast we went to the loo, got some lunch and just had a walk around before heading to the gate, Lennon was in his element. All this freedom, he was running everywhere. We headed to the gate, I was pulling him on his trunki which is amazing by the way. Although, Lennon’s so short that he struggles to sit on the trunki properly. We got to the gate and we just let Lennon run around still until we boarded. Whilst he was playing I noticed his ear was leaking again, he had a ear infection a week before we flew. He was on antibiotics and it had cleared up so I was unsure why it was leaking again. Also this time it was red, like blood. So I was worrying so much, I text my mum and dad but it was so early in the morning that I wasn’t really expecting a reply. My dad called 5 minutes later and said not to worry, that there isn’t much you can do and just get him checked when we get there if it’s still bad. I gave him some calpol, incase it was hurting and to prepare him for the flight in about 30-45 minutes.

We boarded the plane, I folded the buggy and put it in the buggy bag and gave it to the air hostess there. We found out seats and began to get comfy, Lennon was already getting flustered by this point because he had to stay in a row of seats and wasn’t allowed to run. I was getting all my stuff together, finding the bits I knew I would need and getting them easy to reach. Trunkis don’t fit under the seats either so that had to go up so I needed to get majority of his stuff out too. The seat belt sign came on and I was waiting for the belt for Lennon for ages, I had to ask for it in the end. We were all strapped in and by this point Lennon was kicking off, I was getting hot and bothered, trying to calm him down was hard work. The plane was moving slowly but there was a queue of planes, which wasn’t ideal. Lennon was screaming, hitting me, hitting himself, holding his breath in anger. It was awful, I wanted to cry with embarrassment. I could just think of what everyone was thinking, getting annoyed with him being so loud. I just wanted the plane to go so he could watch out the window and calm down. Eventually we were taking off, Lennon was slowly calming down, he was so over tired and dropping off but waking himself up.

When we were in the air Lennon finally fell asleep for about 40 minutes, which was nothing considering he woke up at 3:30am. He woke up and then had some food, I gave him some snacks and he was happy watching his tablet which he had only just been given. This was one of his new toys for holiday. One of the people we were travelling with then took him for a walk up and down the aisle which he loved doing so he was up and down like a yo-yo. He met some other children on the plane which were all so much bigger then him but he was older. Poor little sausage is just tiny like his Mumma. The flight seemed to be going so slow, the flight was 4 and a bit hours so I tried to get Lennon to sleep again as he looked knackered. I managed to get him to sleep and I tried to sleep myself but just couldn’t get comfy. The next thing we are starting to land, I was waiting for him to wake up with pain on his ear but he didn’t. He only woke up when we landed again. He then wanted to get up and walk the aisles again but we hadn’t stopped yet so ovbiously he couldnt.


At the airport we got our luggage so quick, went to find our transfers and we had to wait for one more person before we could leave. About 30 minutes later we were leaving without them and I was so happy to go as I had been walking around the airport for the whole time with Lennon. I had called my mum and dad to tell them I had landed and just wanted to get to hotel now. We got to the coach and off we went. To then come back for the people that we was waiting for before. I was fuming! But…. What could we do. Lennon was hot and bothered on the coach, so yet again he kicked off a lot. I kept telling him to look for animals out the window. Snake, snail, lion, cat, dog, monkey, what ever kept him entertained I was happy haha! We was the last people to get off the coach of course but I was so happy to finally be done with travelling. We then went and un packed, went for some food and just had a chilled day really.


I will be writing a blog about my tips for travelling with a toddler, if you would like to ask any questions then DM me or comment below.

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