Why I went part time

“Just because I am a single Mother doesn’t mean I can’t be a success”.

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So I have been asked to write about the reasons why I decided to go part time. Some people aren’t sure what I was working before so I was only working 4 days a week anyway (Monday, tuesday, Thursday,Friday) I have dropped 1 day and changed the days I work. So I now work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which makes me have a 4 day weekend every week, buzzing!! I’m still not really used to it yet and I feel like it’s just annual leave. One thing I am certain of is I am loving this extra time with Lennon and I know he is loving it too as he is much better behaved. As some of you may know already there is plenty of reasons why I decided to go part time but here is my main 3.

Reason 1.
Money, I hate to admit it but I rely on the government a lot to help me get through life. Being a single mum is hard work, especially as Lennon’s Sperm Donor (Dad) doesn’t help me at all. I have to pay out for a lot each month and his fees were just making me struggle so much. I’m not even sure I will be any better off by going part time yet but I have to try everything I can before quitting because I literally would hate to not work at all. I get discount on his fees but it’s still over £600 a month. I am reasonably good at saving and sorting my money into different things now which is amazing. I mean I can’t be doing too bad if we have been on two holidays and another one in June.

Reason 2.
Spending more quality time with Lennon, he is still such a little bubba and growing so quickly. Memories with Lennon are worth much more then money. I want to see as much as I can of him at every age and I think the days I will be working gives us the right balance. He is learning so much now, more and more every day. I am really hoping spending more time with him at home will help his behaviour, he has been awful recently. I can’t quite work out why either, he is teething which won’t help but he just keeps lashing out, screaming and general tantrums. I am planning on writing a update on him post as people have asked for this a few times. I would definitely say that this age is my favourite age, he is so funny and doesn’t even realise it half the time.

Reason 3.
Organising my life. I need to start writing my lists again of what I need to clean, buy, do etc. I want to be able to stay on top of the cleaning so that my days off I can do fun things instead. Especially now the weather is getting better, no one wants to be spending time inside the whole time. I have far too many clothes, which I eventually want to sort and sell or giveaway, so then I can go out and buy more. Hehe. Myself & my friends have even wrote out a bucket list of what we want to do this summer and it makes me so excited.

Thank you so much for reading, please let me know if you work part time and how you find it. I would love to know your experiences.

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