My pregnancy regrets

A moment in my tummy, a lifetime in my heart”

Recently I have seen so many people on my social media that are pregnant and I cant help but be envious. I really struggled to enjoy my pregnancy for a number of reasons so I didn’t do half the amount of stuff that I see people do now. I have come up with a little list to talk about my pregnancy regrets and things that I would love to do if I ever have another baby. I wonder if you have done these things or if you regret not doing them too.


The picture I posted to reveal I was pregnant.


I regret not writing more about how I was feeling, what I was getting up to and other things like that. I wish I had something to look back on. I loved readin Tug peoples pregnancy updates when I was pregnant as I knew how they felt. I also loved watching peoples youtube accounts on pregnancy related things, I watched things on what to buy and labour stories. Don’t ask me why, but they are so interesting and always so different.


When I was pregnant I was in a lot of pain towards the end due to scoliosis and sciatica in my back. I hid away from the world really, didn’t make effort to even get out of bed let alone go out. I wish I made more effort to see my friends, to make new friends too. I spoke to a lot of people online who were pregnant at the same time as me and some lived close by so I could of easily met up with them to talk about what I was going through. I felt so alone when really they could have been feeling the same.

Gender reveal:

Although I didn’t find out the sex of my baby, if I was to have another baby I would love to throw a gender reveal party. I have seen some amazing ideas and I think it’s a lovely way to celebrate the sex of the baby! Pinterest is where I would go for all the party ideas of course.


I didn’t take many bump photos at all, I felt hideous. After being so small my whole life having a big bump really made me feel self conscious, I didn’t like what I looked like in anything. I would love to dress up more, make the bump stick out and take tonnes of photos. I really regret not having a pregnancy photo shoot too, some of those are stunning and a great thing to keep for memories.



I wish I stayed at work a lot longer, I only stopped because of my back but I now feel like I gave up to quickly. Which meant maternity pay started earlier and then stopped quicker. Also meant I had to go back to work quicker. I don’t regret going back to work when I did but I do wish I could spent more time with little Lennon. I am lucky enough to work in a lovely nursery so they all totally understood how I was feeling and I was treated amazing by everyone there the whole time.


This was just a quick post that I have actually loved writing. I wonder if any of you have any pregnancy regrets, I will do a questions sticker on my Instagram stories after I post this for you to tell me yours.

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Jade x


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