Life Update

“You can be a mess and be a good Mum. We are allowed to be both”.

So since I have decided to get back into the blogging I thought the best thing to kick start it would be a life update. I used to do monthly updates on Lennon and I can’t even remember the last one I wrote. Of course I will start to all about Lennon as that’s the main thing I always talk about and the biggest part of my life. I aim for this blog to be a short and sweet post but you all know I like to waffle on.


Lennon is coming up to 16 months, he is into bloody everything and I am 99% sure that the terrible twos have started already. We have recently just come out of a stage where he would hit, slap, punch everyone he would see. No matter who it was or what he was doing he would just lash out and nothing I did would help. I tried almost everything to stop him; saying no, shouting no, slapping his hand (yes, I did say that. Obviously not hard. Didn’t help anyway!), the naughty corner worked for a little bit but the thing I found that helped him stop was just ignoring him. Which is super hard to do when he is hitting his friends at nursery. He still adores nursery and all the nursery nurses there! He recently had 2 weeks off due to him being poorly for a week and then we went to Butlins. Butlins was a whole different post, too much to say here and I am in the middle of writing it. After our crazy week at Butlins and spending so much time together I have found Myself and Lennon have bonded so much. He has become so loving, constantly wanting cuddles and kissing me. He was happy to go back to nursery and get a break from me too, and of course I was too! Although as soon as I put him into the room I miss him straight away. Lennon is still a fabulous eater, the only reason he will not eat is if he is poorly. I have found he is learning things so quickly now too. In the past week be has learned how to nod for yes and no, play peekaboo by himself and climb all the furniture so he can sit on the window seal. He can say a few words too; mum, mummy, nan, dad dad, car, ta, Choo Choo, beep beep, ball. I’ve been trying to get him to say “I love you” since our cousin can now say that and it’s adorable! Lennon’s sleeping pattern is weird, he goes through stages of sleeping really well and then bad, at the moment I am so thankful we are in a good patch. Omg, he saw his Dad, for the first time in over a month and before that it was 5 months. It was a really nice day actually and we went for lunch, it was nice to be civil but I can’t imagine it happening anytime soon. Lennon’s biggest interest at the moment is Teletubbies, Justin Fletcher, cars and balls! I can’t believe that Lennon is still in some clothes ages 9-12 months, he is obviously going to be small like his Mumma. Do any of you have babies small, I’m not sure if I should be worried or not, hmm?!


This is the thing I struggle to talk about, this paragraph will be a lot smaller for sure! I would like to say I have been a lot happier recently, I obviously still have my moments but I just make the best out of bad times now. I have managed to do a lot more adult things this year because I am focusing more on myself and letting people look after Lennon so I get a break too. It relives my stress and anxiety a lot, thank you to all my girls for that! I love you all and you know who you are! I still haven’t managed to put on any weight but I’m not worried about it, I eat as much as I like so just going to roll with it. I have decided to go part time at work, for many reasons, but mainly to spend more time with Lennon. This starts from 29th April and I am so excited for it to happen now I know that it’s been agreed. I have had the big chop, all my hair is gone and I love my hair again. I done it for an amazing reason, my beautiful cousin is battling cancer so I donated my hair to princess trust. I managed to raise a lot of money and they will make my hair into a wig. We both have 2 more holidays left this year that are booked, we go to Devon for Easter and then cyprus in June eek. I have wanted to get back into my blogging as it’s such a big help with relieving my stress. I have been working alongside a few companies recently so I will have some product reviews coming soon. If there is anything else you would like me to write about then please don’t hesitate to message me.

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Jade x


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