My November Goals


The last month of Autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take risks and do the unexpected.”


Since making my goals blog I have had a lot of people message me, asking how well I am getting on with them so here is a quick update. I managed to complete, going to a pumpkin patch, hosting a Halloween party for Lennon, buy myself a dress, sort out my clothes & I attended all the plans I had in my diary. I’m not going to be down about the thing’s I didn’t get round to doing because I will add them to this months list. 

New Goals: 

Get my hair cut (Booked for 4th November, Thanks Katy)

Buy a unit for the toilet cleaning products

Get a waggas with the mum group 

Put on 1lb

Visit a fire work show 

Host our annual bonfire night

Finish the Christmas shopping (I can wish)

Organise Lennon’s Birthday party 

Choose my new upgrade (Any suggestions?)

Brush my hair every day

If any other bloggers are reading this, please do a goals blog post every month too and take me in it so I can read your post. 

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Jade x




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