Sew sian – product review

From the day I signed Lennon up to putting him into nursery I knew I wanted to make his first day special! When I saw SewSian’s Instagram and noticed how many random t-shirts were on there I fell in love! When I say random I mean so many different ideas, I approached her asking about a top for Lennon to start nursery. I love the fact she designed it from scratch so no one else has one like it, she can design almost anything too. I was so impressed with the communication between myself & Sian. She let me know everything from when the design was done, to posting & checked on if I had received the item. If there is something you was thinking about getting but can’t find it online, look on her Instagram! Message her! I couldn’t recommend her enough & in fact, a lot of the Mum’s at the nursery asked me where it was from and want to order tops for birthdays! I have a few things in mind of what I would like to buy next too.

I will upload some pictures of things she has on her website, also click on the links below to go straight to her pages!



She has a wide variety of things from teething toys, bibs, towels, clothes (baby, toddler & Mums), blankets, teddies.

If you would like to know how Lennon’s been getting on at nursery then please read my ‘back to work’ blog post.

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