Confessions of a ‘normal’ Mum

“Confession’s of  ‘normal’ Mum”

Just a few confessions about what I have done since becoming a Mummy, I wanted to do a funny but real post and something a bit different to what I have done before. Not suitable for Mum police so please close the page now!

  • Sometimes I give Lennon his bath & bed earlier just so I can get some more me time. Its hard being a single Mummy.
  • I have always shouted “Boo” at him as its hilarious when it makes him jump.
  • A few weeks ago I put Lennon in his high chair for Lunch, Before eating mine I wanted to run up for a wee. I did one last check at the straps to notice they weren’t done up just as he pushed his way through the gap. Luckily I was there, I caught him and we had no accidents.
  • I have a thing about getting pictures of Lennon when crying, cross eyed, shouting, anything that makes him look weird, but those ones will be great for his 18th.
  • When Lennon was about a month old, We drove home from a party & it wasn’t until we was home that I noticed the seatbelt wasn’t even on. I cried with Mum guilt.
  • When he has a snotty nose, If I have no tissues or wipes I have used his blanket, muzzy & clothes a few times. Obviously never my own clothes.
  • Ive shouted “Lennon please shut up” far too many times. Especially now he knows how to scream.
  • When making a bottle I shook it before putting the lid on, TWICE. Yes twice because the first time was quite messy enough.
  • When Lennon was little I used to always sit on his feet when he was laying in the breast feeding pillow on the sofa.
  • Since Lennon turned 7 months old I stopped using the steriliser as much and by 8 months I got rid of it. I always put his bottles through the dishwasher though. Am I supposed to still sterilise them? I figured if he is going to eat the mud/grass and all the other germs then it should be ok. Another confession, Lennon puts so much crap in his mouth before I have chance to stop him.
  • I call Lennon a little bugger all the time! I probably should stop as he goes to nursery now, one that I work in & I don’t think its very professional.
  • I only used the milestone photo cards until he was about 5 months!
  • I give him any food he wants, except tomatoes as he is allergic & juice. I don’t let him raid the whole treats cupboard but I have given him a fair bit I probably shouldn’t have! Yes, he loves a mc donalds!
  • I really hate it when he hits me, pulls my hair, screams in my face and never kisses me. Literally makes me think he hates me sometimes.
  • I already know I am not the only one to do this, but I make myself a cuppa coffee & his morning bottle at the same time in the morning. Sometimes I even have to put a crying Lennon down to do it.
  • Lennon hated having baths at first & I pretty much forced him to love bath time because I love the water. Bath/swimming pool/beach!
  • I have given Lennon hot food a few times, I didn’t realise it was that hot until he started clawing at his face and spitting out his food. Sorry Baby Boy.
  • I put Lennon in the bath when its empty so I can brush our teeth in the mornings. Constantly runs away from me & he can’t run from me when he is wearing a baby grow in a bath tub. So funny to watch may I add.
  • I try giving Lennon some horrible tasting foods (things I don’t like) to see if he pulls a face at them.


I want to know if any of you have done any of these things, please comment below or DM on Instagram.

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Jade x


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  1. October 8, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    Love this piece. So relatable.

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