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“I have learnt that every working Mum is a superwoman!”

Why Hello there, yes. I have been gone a while but… I am back! I have had a long think & asked my followers what they would like to read about. I also have a LOT of product reviews to do as well.


As some of you may already know, I went back to work on the 4th September and I think it has been one of the hardest things Myself & Lennon have had to go through.

I don’t really feel as if my job is work because I love it and I find it so rewarding. I am really close to so many people that work there and I feel like we are one big family. For those that don’t know, I work in a nursery which means Lennon could come back with me. I did plan to do a pro’s and con’s post about working in a nursery with your baby but didn’t get round to it so I am going to add it into this as I do really know how it feels. I really didn’t expect it to be as hard as I this but I do know that things will get better and its always harder at the start! Keep your fingers crossed for me…


  • I work in the same building as Lennon but not the same room, which means he doesn’t see me all day to be clingy to me but I can always pop in to see him or even just phone the room. Although a few times when I have popped in Lennon looks at me as if to say ‘Mum, leave me alone, you are embarrassing me. Yes Son, I will & always will.
  • Lennon loves it! He never get’s told ‘No’ or ‘get down’ as everything is for him to play with or climb on.
  • Lennon has a bond with so many people in the nursery, not even just in his room! I have found he has started talking so much more as he is the youngest and most of the other children are starting to talk. The social side to it all is amazing.
  • When Lennon was poorly I was there to go and comfort him straight away. The one time he was really poorly and got sent home I was in the room visiting him. He was sick all over me, like literally every single bit of clothing. We was sent home straight away, I would of felt horrendous if I got a phone call to say he was poorly and couldn’t be there!
  • I feel that Lennon is safer there because they are all my friends, I can see the amount of Love they all have for him every time I take him in. All the girls get so excited to see him. It makes it a lot easier to take him in.
  • When I was off sick, I still sent Lennon in so I could rest properly and I didn’t want him to miss out on having fun. I knew he was safe and I could watch on our nursery cam to see what he was getting up to.
  • I always get a handover from his key worker when I pick him up but majority of the time I forget what’s been said. Luckily we have a programme called day share which the girls send out to all parents via email to let them all know everything. For example, meals, nappies, milk, activities. My favourite is when I get pictures sent to me.
  • Saving money on my food bill as Lennon eats so much and I haven’t had to buy as much food for us.


  • Myself & Lennon have been so poorly, catching all the bugs as our immune system isn’t used to everything yet. I remember being poorly for the first few months when I started working there too. Lennon was sent home on our second week which meant I had a day and a half off then. Then I was sent home on our third week which meant I had another day and a half off.
  • I still have to pay even if he isn’t in nursery and I don’t get sick pay.
  • Fee’s, although I get a discounted price, being a single Mum isn’t easy as it is!
  • I don’t like the fact that my friends are going to see him doing things before I do!
  • Mum guilt! Sometimes I just feel like I am doing the wrong thing, that I should be staying at home with him and spending all my time with him. I sometimes think he is acting up at home because he is angry with me for sending him to nursery in the day!
  • Sleeping pattern has gone crazy since being at nursery, he was sleeping through. Since being poorly and going to nursery he seems to think its ok to wake up between 4-6 every morning. Just to let you know Lennon, IT IS NOT OK!
  • Washing! So bloody much washing, he does a lot of messy play activities at work which I love because I love messy play. But, having no tumble dryer at the moment I am finding it difficult. We are buying a new one though, thankfully.

One thing I will say is that I am so proud of Myself & Lennon. I can’t believe I have managed to go back to work, become a lot happier with Myself even though it is such a struggle doing it all alone. I cannot explain how proud I am of Lennon, he settled in straight away and the girls are always saying such lovely things about him. Going to stop now as I am beginning to get emotional.


Thank you for reading, let me know if you are thinking about going back to work or if you already have. I would love to hear about it. Don’t forget to like, comment & subscribe.

Jade x



  1. Steph kneller
    September 23, 2018 / 8:59 pm

    Loved reading this as I went back to work on the 10th. I work with young people with special needs- I love it but since being back I get mum guild that I’m reading with other people’s children, not mine, playing and going out with other people’s children, not Arlo.
    But then I remember he’s with his grandparents who he adores and how adore him and remember we do this to give them a better life. All the best to you two, you’re doing something amazing x

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