Gender neutral

Gender Neutral – Not for it, not against it.

I think I am a fairly laid back about all the gender neutral things – What colours his clothes are, what toys Lennon can play with.

I have brought clothes for Lennon in the girls section plenty of times, I wouldn’t exactly go and buy him a dress. But… They have so much more choice. I love the patterns on the leggings, I buy him girls jeggings as they are still smart but not as stiff as jeans and he has got a few baby grows too. His socks are mainly all from the girls section as I prefer plain white and the boys are all funky colours and patterns. Some people wont even put their little boys in a pink top because its for ‘girls’ I think it pink is a lovely colour in the summer and would show off Lennon’s tan. I know some older children get annoyed when they can’t find a ‘girls’ top with a dinosaur or car on. Another thing that really bugs me is that ‘boys are super heroes’, never heard of wonder women? I want my niece to know she is a hero too. To be honest I have seen a lot more choice for girls to have super hero clothing but why can’t there be a bit more choice for boys? Why is there so much more choice for girls then there is for boys?

Lennon has a huge variety of toys, I let him play with what ever he seems interested in. I know he is only 8 months but I know he would enjoy a buggy because he loves pushing things around, so that’s what I brought him. I will be buying him  little dolly to go inside too as he showed an interest at my sisters house. He was kissing the dolly and it was so adorable. Lennon like any child these days loves the telly, he has shown a big interest into Sofia the first and Vamperina which are again classes as more of a ‘girls’ programme to watch. I have since brought Lennon some Sofia the first books and I am on the look out for something Vamperina but… Disney can be expensive so that may wait until birthday or Christmas. I am also buying Lennon a play kitchen for Christmas, I am going to paint it so it matches more in his room too, I want to personalise it as much as I can. I can’t wait for him to start nursery and they tell me what he goes and chooses to play with, they obviously have a lot more choice then what I put out in my living room.

Lennon loves spending time with his cousin who is just over 6 months older then him, they often swap dummies now and of course she will prefer his and he wants hers. Some say they want to swap because its not theres, some say its because its different colours that they aren’t used to.

It is down to us to teach the next generation that it is right to fight for equality and I don’t believe we do this by entirely removing the concept of gender.

I am obviously not going to start saying Lennon is a girl, I will always tell him he is a boy. But that doesn’t mean I will stop him doing or wearing things that are normally class as ‘girls’. It is a big thing in America where children are now thinking that they are trapped in the wrong body, which I totally understand if you are an adult, but a child. It just baffles me and I find it so bizarre. I have seen programmes on the children and the adults, I find it all very interesting but just don’t understand how a child can feel trapped. Each to their own I guess.

I find writing controversial things so fun but some people may not agree with everything I have said. Please don’t take any offence, it’s just my opinion. If there is anything else you would like me to write about that is classed as controversial please just message me or write in the comments below.

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