Phantom kicks

“Are phantom kicks normal?”

Totally and utterly normal, in fact, nearly every women who has been pregnant feels them. 

After baby is born, many mothers experience phantom kicks – what feels like a baby kicking in their belly, even if baby is no longer in there.

So is it normal to feel as if you’ve got a whole new baby kicking away inside you? Yes, it’s completely normal and it’s actually very common for women to experience this in the postpartum period, for days, months or years.

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What do they feel like?

My phantom kicks vary, from being when I first started to feel Lennon to when he was huge and about to be born. When I first started feeling him it felt like I was nervous and had what people call “butterlies”. Then I sometimes get a huge kicking feeling in my belly too, feels like something is about to escape. I sometimes even zee my belly moving when I have been feeling them. 

What causes them?

  • After birth, it can take some time for all your body parts to move back to their original position as your uterus shrinks back to normal size.
  • You may experience more gas or indigestion after birth.
  • Having spent nine months with a baby inside, you may start to notice perfectly normal feelings and movements in your stomach that you never even noticed before.
  • Some theories also include that phantom kicks can be caused by nerve memory, similar to a phantom limb

I have sometimes had phantom kicks so strong it has woken me up from sleeping, I have wanted to take a pregnancy test so many times even though I know I am not pregnant. I wrote something on my Instagram about phantom kicks and the response I had was amazing, I never realised how many people had them too. Most of the ladies said to me that they thought they were the only ones to feel it, so it can’t be very known. I wanted to write this blog post to tell everyone it’s not just you that gets them, a lot of people do and it is perfectly normal. 

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Jade x


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