8 Month / Weaning Update

8 Month Update:

“Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up”

My last update I done was when Lennon turned 6 months and I cannot believe how quickly he is growing. Lennon has learnt so much and can now do so much more. To read my 6 month update please click here. 

Lennon’s likes:

Lennon is now on the move and when I saw on the move, he crawls properly on all fours, stands by himself, pulls himself up on/ walks around furniture, walks using his push along walker and has taken 2 steps by himself. He seems to really enjoy pulling things and touching things he knows he shouldn’t, then when I tell him “no” he shouts back at me. Little Bugger! Lennon has recently been brought a train set, stacking cups and a drum kit and these are by far his favourite toys. He seems to like destroying the train set instead of playing with it though. Bath time I now super tricky as he just wants to move which seems to be him half drowning himself every time, which may I add doesn’t make him think to not do it anymore. Lennon is obsessed with food, anyone who has food MUST share with him or else you will know about it, I will explain a bit more below about this as I have added in his BLW update too. Lennon has been in the garden so much more since the weather has been nice, in the pool, in the grass, on his new swing, everywhere. He has caught a good little tan bless him. We have been going to parents paradise a lot and meeting up with our Baby / Mummy friends more too which Lennon loves. I have written a post about our first time at soft play if you would like to read, (click here). I know he loves them as when I am at home and say the baby’s names he gets all excited and does his motor bike hands. 

Lennon’s dis-likes: 

I am really struggling to think of anything Lennon really doesn’t like to be honest, I am so lucky to have a happy chilled out baby. The only things I can think of is sun cream/moisturiser, teething (obviously), telling him “no”, taking him away from standing at the radiator (I don’t want him to think this is ok as soon they will be hot). He still isn’t a great sleeper, I need my new born back. But since getting some products sent to me to help him sleep I have seen improvements so I am excited to see how much they will help. Product review coming soon on those. 

What have I learnt since my last update?

I have learnt to take each day as it comes, some days I wont get all the cleaning done, some days I wont make it out the house, some days he will do more and sleep better. Everyday is different and I just need to stop stressing about the small things. Lennon is growing far too quickly for my liking and I want to treasure every memory I make with him. Nap when I can as soon I will be back to work and wont have the privilege to nap anymore. 

What else have we been getting up to?

Lennon said his first word, Dad! Why do they do this when the Mum’s do everything for them? I did get really disheartened by it at first but now he does say Mum too and I think he is starting to say Nan. We have brought a swing for the garden and a ball pitt, he loves both of these. Lennon has been in his own room for about a month now and even though he wakes up still I find I am sleeping better. I have done up his room with little prints and things too, would anyone like to see a post about that? We have booked a little break away, I wont say where as I plan to blog about it. We have been to cassiobury park lots with a few different people, we have been to an awesome hoe down party where was saw lots of our friends from nursery/work. We have been going through some big changes in the family and adjusting to these has been tricky but we are getting there. I’m not too keen to write about it yet but soon I will. I am just focusing on making as many memories as I can with Lennon before going back to work and not seeing him as much. I have written a post about how my worries if you would like to read, (click here). 

I will post some photos below of the past 2 months but you can always look on my Instagram too. (Click to view).  

Weaning Update:

To read my last blog post about beginning to wean please click here

I have been super laid back with what I give Lennon, not really fussed about him having jars, pouches, home cooked. Whatever I had at the time was good for me. The only thing I have been strict on his NO JUICE! I really don’t want him to have juice until I really can’t stop him. He loves water so why give him added sugar. I am now at the stage of weaning that he eats pretty much anything, I mean chunks of chicken, pasta, everything. I haven’t found one thing yet that he doesn’t like. I have tried to give him things to purely get a funny face and he has disappointed me. He even likes picked onions, beetroot, black olives, lemons! He really enjoys his food and I am so happy that I can just cook one dinner now and not add any salt to his. He still has the occasional jar or pouch if we are out and its to hard to feed him a proper meal but he much prefers finger foods. He eats it really nicely, one thing at a time and hasn’t ever choked badly. Lennon did have a slight reaction to raw tomatoes, he had hives and a rash so I haven’t given him them again since. I know it is very common though and he is ok to have cooked tomatoes. Lennon’s favourite foods are: Marmite on anything, toast/crumpet/rice cake, most of the kiddylicious snacks, blackberries, chicken!

This is only a quick update on his weaning journey as I have had a few people ask me to write down a few meal ideas, for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, puddings and snacks. Please write in the comments below or DM me on Instagram if you would like to see this. 

I will upload some photos of his meal times below. 

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