Little Freddie – Product Review

Little Freddie

“Handpicked flavours they love”

They travelled the world in search of the very best ingredients and used them to create exceptional recipes that deliver on taste and nutrition.



They never add anything artificial to the recipes; no sugars, no preservatives and no salt, only organic, nutritious and delicious food.

They have a range of different flavours for all different ages;

4 months+, 6 months+, 7 months+ & coming soon, 10 months+, 12 months+. 

Where to buy?

  • Own website
  • Amazon 
  • Ocado 
  • Tree of life

More information on the website.

  • About us
  • Our founders 
  • Our values 
  • Our farmers 
  • Product Development 
  • Meet our nutritionist 
  • The weaning journey 
  • Essential nourishment 
  • Nutritional advice 
  • Feeding tips


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My Views:

The main reason why I loved these products so much were because of the flavours, they had ingredients in that some other pouches didn’t. They are super handy if you are having a day out and it’s not easy to get a baby led weaning meal together. Lennon demolished every pouch that we was sent and I have brought more since. I have even recommended to my other Mummy friends and they have brought them too. I like that you can squeeze it onto a spoon, into a bowl or just use it straight from the pouch (although this isn’t highly recommended).  They were sent to me in such beautiful packaging and I love the simple look on the pouches. I have added some pictures below of when we was using these amazing pouches. 



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Always Organic, Always Nutritious, Always Delicious.


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