My worries about returning to work

“Working Mothers become masters of time management”

Can I just start by saying just because I am going to be working does not by any means mean I am just palming my baby off to anyone because I can’t deal with him myself. I will be working in the Nursery that I am putting him into and will be looking after 8 instead of just him. I am returning to where I worked before and I would class them more like family then friends, they all love Lennon and can’t wait for him to start. We all have our own opinions on working Mum’s and stay at home Mum’s, we all do our best for our babies. 


Obviously childcare isn’t free, in fact it is super expensive, I get a discount on my fee’s as I work there but it doesn’t make a huge difference. I am just hoping that I can still manage to pay fees, every day life, bills and manage to have fun with Lennon on my days off. I will be cutting my days at work which means a pay cut too.

Quality time

I will be having Monday’s off work just to spend some quality time with Lennon, do things that are fun and go on days out. I am a bit sceptical on having Lennon in nursery for 4 full days but I can always lower the days if need be (with notice). The last thing I would want is for Lennon to have a better bond with his Nursery teachers then his own mother, that would break my heart. I also spend a lot of time with my family & friends and I don’t want it to just suddenly stop. 

Mum rules

I have certain things I like to stick to with Lennon, for instance. NO JUICE! That is my main thing, I hate when he has a snotty nose and I try to make him look clean at all times. I know he wont have juice at nursery and that he will get super dirty all the time. I have prepared and brought clothes that I don’t mind getting ruined. But, I wouldn’t like to pick him up to a snotty nose. Ew! I know I still need to be a Mum and let nursery know if i’m not happy with something but they are also my friends and I don’t want to make things awkward between us. I get asked a lot by them all who I would prefer to be his key worked, it makes me super awkward because I love them all individually and couldn’t ever choose. I will happy to talk to any of them about Lennon, I think Lennon will choose who he prefers anyway. Although he seems to go to anyone and never be bothered. This has been one of my main worries the whole time. 

Working with my babies teachers

I kind of covered a bit of this in the other section, I do worry about how they will react with me too. Will they be more weary of me? Will they be comfortable to talk to me about everything? Will they be more strict, or let him get away with everything? I want them to treat me like any other parent and him like any other child. I want Lennon to be disciplined and to learn the same way everyone else in his room will be. I get anxious that Lennon will become a hard child to look after and that they will be talking about us behind our back because they don’t want to tell me what he is really like. Like I said before they are all lovely so it probably won’t happen but I can just can’t help but think the worst.

House work

How on earth am I going to cope with cleaning/cooking and our every day life when I get home from work? I struggle so much at the moment to keep on top of the cleaning with Lennon nearly walking, How will I manage when I don’t have as long to do it. I feel like it takes me all week to get the house to my standard of cleaning now, I like to focus on one room a day really. I guess organisation and motivation is key but still. I understand that I won’t be at home to make as much mess but I will be so much more tired. 

I hope I haven’t put anyone off going back to work, I promise you I am super excited too but my anxiety makes the worries come before excitement. I look forward to writing my pros & cons post about nurseries and I aim to write one about my first week back but we will see how much time I have to myself then. 

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Jade x


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