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I finally feel comfortable that I have tried and tested the creams for long enough to do a review. Being a Mum I never made time to moisturise my skin as sleep was just more important. Since I was gifted these amazing creams I have found myself finding time to do it. I have seen some amazing results and I can’t wait to tell everyone about it. I have been super lucky with my pregnancy and I didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly and My tummy went back to being flat pretty much straight away. There fore I got one of my sisters to trial the Ultra Intensive flat tummy cream for me. 

Intensive body cream –

I used this on my whole body apart from my breast and arms.

Can I just say how amazing the creams smell! The smell of the cream is always the best part as no one wants to put a bad smelling cream on their body. Instructions say to use this twice a day but I only really managed to put it on at night time and still saw results so imagine what results you would get if you did use it twice a day. The cream is easy to apply and rubs in really nicely, its not sticky at all and soaks into the skin quickly. I hate when I moisturise then get into bed and stick to the sheets, this doesn’t happen with this cream. I saw the best results on my thighs and bum, they feel and look a lot more toned. My feet are also loving this cream, I have never been one to get dry feet but they are super soft now. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not but since I have been using the creams my tan seems to have got better and stayed longer. I think its because my skin is more hydrated and moisturising every night will obviously help keep a tan. 

Lifting serum for breast and arms – 

I used this on my breast and arms. 

I think I managed to use this cream a little more then the other one as it was the one I wanted to focus on more as those areas of my body needed a little extra help. Since being pregnant and having Lennon my boobs have been through a pretty traumatic time. From being a C up to a E cup in pregnancy and then now to a D cup my Boobs are a bit confused and lets just say not as perky anymore. Well, they wasn’t. Since using the cream they feel so much more toned and perky. My stretch marks are near enough gone too. I feel like having good boobs makes a women’s confidence grow, even if no one else see’s them. My arms have never really been big but since loosing a lot of weight after pregnancy the cream has helped them stay the same. No bingo wings for me. 

Ultra Intensive flat tummy cream – 

My sister has told me everything she wanted to and I have wrote it down.

My sister has 2 children so finding time to use the cream was a struggle for her too, she managed to put it on more in the evenings like me. She said she didn’t manage to do it every day but is slowly seeing results. She said that the cream did exactly what it said on the back. You could feel a tingling sensation and sometimes it would go a bit red, she loved this as she knew the cream was working where as some creams don’t seem to do anything. She has been focusing on loosing weight too and using the cream alongside this has really helped her feel more toned. She has said she would love to carry on using it to keep seeing results and she would defiantly recommend it with to her friends. 

I have recommended these products to a few people now and some of them have already started to see results. I took a while to review this product purly because I wanted to make sure I liked the product before writing the review. I also didn’t get as much time to use it so took a little longer to start seeing results. They have some amazing products for pregnancy too. 

I will link the Bemama website and Instagram below. 

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Instagram – bemama_uk

Thank you for reading, I hope you like to read reviews as there is more coming soon. 

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