Motherhood Pressures

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother”

I got inspiration to do this blog post from Amy Greaves, go ahead and watch her YouTube video on the same topics. 

YouTube: The Mummy Journey

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Some of these topic’s are very controversial so I would just like to add that these are my own opinions on the topics and I do understand other Mum’s will have different opinions. 


I don’t really know too much about this but I understand that it’s normally to do with a religion, by all means if that is your religion go for it. I wouldn’t do it unless Lennon had a medical problem and it was advised by a doctor. 

Baby Wearing:

I have only ever really used a baby carrier when on holiday with Lennon, it was a god send. The easiest thing to use when travelling on a plane or when you have to carry other stuff too. I do know a few people that have brought a carrier to get stuff done around the house but I have always been lucky with Lennon and he kind of entertains himself easily. 

Bottle feeding vs breast feeding:

The whole time I was pregnant I always said I wouldn’t breast feed, not for any reason I just didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Then I had an awful labour which led me to having super strong anti-biotics after I caught Strep A so was unable to breast feed at first anyway. I could of tried after but Lennon was so used to the bottle by this time I don’t think he would of wanted the breast. I really regret this now and wish I tried my best to give it ago. Defiantly something I will try with my next (if I have another). The nurses never pressured me into breast feeding but they did to the other Mum’s on the ward. I was the only Mum in the room that was bottle feeding and my Baby slept a lot better and was so much more content then the other babies. All the Mum’s would say how well behaved he was but really his belly was just more full because he had more milk as their milk hadn’t come in. Although, I personally don’t think there is a right or wrong way to feed a baby, a fed baby is a happy baby. Doesn’t matter how it’s fed as long as it gets the nutrients that the baby needs that is fine. I do praise all these women who have the guts to breast feed in public and so happy with the breast feeding Mum community that stick together but sometimes there is no need to be harsh to the Mum’s that bottle feed. 


This is something really close to home at the moment as I have an Auntie who is currently going through the adoption process. I have seen how difficult it has been and the process is very long. She has been going through the process for such a long time now and I can see how much pressure it puts on the whole family. She is lucky enough to have her own child already but now they are adopting for the second. I have been so interested in it all and constantly asking her questions. I actually admire anyone who goes through this, it’s the most amazing thing to adopt/foster children. I would love to adopt a child myself one day. 

Baby piercing:

I personally don’t agree with this, I would want to wait until my child asked for it to be done and then I would still only do it during 6 weeks holiday so they have time to heal properly. It is more common in girls and yes they do look pretty but why put them through pain for no reason. They are more then likely going to pull the earing’s out themselves or another baby/child will pull them out which could be even worse. I do understand some children have their ears pierced for religious reasons but I am unsure of what the reasons are. 


I am not really sure how I feel about this really, I haven’t ever been in the situation yet as he is only 6 months. I would much prefer to try other techniques to try and teach him when something he is doing is wrong first. 


I have never done co-sleeping for a whole night but sometimes when he wakes up in the mornings really early he will get in bed with us. We also love having nap’s on the bed with Lennon too. Lennon does really prefer being on his own and having his own space for longer sleeps though. I do understand that it is a lot easier for breast feeding Mum’s but I have heard far too many horror stories to want to do it all the time when he is so small. I like the fact he soothes himself to sleep too as it will be so much easier when he is at nursery. He is also in his own room now too. 

Home vs public vs private school:

I really don’t know much about home schooling, all I know is there is no way in hell I would do it. Children really thrive from being sociable at school and they will learn so much more. I do understand some children get bullied and then they want to be home schooled which makes me super sad. I went to a public school and I wouldn’t say I did great in school but I got the GCSE’s I needed to do the things I wanted in life. I had some amazing memories meeting all different types of people and really wish I could go back. My other half went to a private school for his primary school and it was super expensive and I don’t think it was much different from my public school. Ofsted are so hot on schools now and they are picking up on the smallest of things in both types of school. I don’t think I would waste my money on a private school. I will just be searching for the right school for Lennon. Thank fully I have a long time to wait for this. 


I have actually already written a post all about it here. I did get Lennon’s vaccination’s done but I have been super worried about how much more they are pumping into our babies bodies these days. My other half never had his injections and has been fine his whole life where as I have allergies to some food. Might just be a coincidence but I have read some interesting articles about this. Read my other post about more of the ins and outs. 

Cloth vs disposable nappies:

I have never tried cloth nappies apart from swimming nappies. I have found that the cloth swimming nappies were amazing, I used them a lot on holiday as I found he was only in the pool or the sea for a short time so using a disposable was just a waste. But, I do use disposable nappies normally purely because it just seems easier for me. I understand they can be more expensive but I have far to much washing to do already and would worry I wouldn’t get them washed in time. 

Cry it out method:

I never used the cry it out method before Lennon was 6 months old. I wouldn’t even say I use it now either really, I do leave him to winge/ fake cry himself to sleep sometimes but he is only ever really crying for 2/3 minutes before he falls asleep. I only ever had to go in once to give him his dummy and then he nods straight off. He settles himself to sleep a lot and only ever cries himself to sleep when he is teething of over tired. I can always tell when Lennon’s cry changes and that’s when I go in to check on him, I am guessing that is the same with most parents. I would never just let him scream himself to sleep as that’s only going to make him hate bed time and that part of the routine. 

Medicating Children:

I have give Lennon medicine before, I have given him calpol, nurofen, tixylix and boots own cough medicine. I only give him calpol / nurofen when he has a temperature or won’t stop screaming with his teeth. He has had to have cough mixture twice because he had a cough and it wouldn’t clear itself, He was born in the winter so it was a while ago now that he had to have it. I just think Mum’s know when their babies aren’t well and I would do anything to help him and to not be in pain. As long as it is given correctly and not too often then I am believe it is fine. 

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