My Birth Experience

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear”

I originally wrote a post like this only 17 days after I had given birth, it was for my old blog and I never transferred it over to this one. My Birth story is a rather long one so I aim to write it in two parts to save you getting bored half way through. Go and grab a coffee and take a seat. Let me just add that I didn’t find out the sex of the baby so it was all  huge surprise.

Saturday 16th December (3 days before due date):

I was having chill days and not really doing much because I knew that he could come at any time. Normally when I am just chilling the he moves loads, which he wasn’t. I was keeping an eye on it all day but not worrying Gavin and just keeping it to myself. It wasn’t until my mum came home from work that I realised that maybe I should call someone, they immediately sounded worried and told me to come in straight away. Gavin was at work so I rung him to say I was going to hospital but would let him know whats happening, as I wasn’t having contractions I didn’t feel the need for him to come just yet. I got to the hospital, they monitored me and of course he started moving straight away. This made me feel super stupid and so embarrassed. Whilst the lady was monitoring me she said you are having a contraction right now, which I didn’t feel at all. She then examined me and she said I was 2cm dilated. She said that everything seems ok and to go home and chill out and come back as soon as possible if anything progresses. By this point I was loving life saying woohoo I am in labour but can’t feel anything this is going to be a breeze. I went home and bounced for hours and hours. Went to bed like normal and genuinely had the best night sleep ever. I really struggled throughout my pregnancy to sleep but this time I had a good solid 4/5 hours. Gavin came home from work and was so worried the whole night, panicking that I should be at hospital not at home but I knew I would be able to relax more at home. 

Sunday 17th December (2 day before due date):

I woke up with an excruciating pain in my back, I can only explain it by thinking I was stabbed. It would stay for a while then go again. I just laid in bed and was trying to count how long it was in between them to see if they were contractions or not. I didn’t tell anyone until I worked out that this was it, its starting. I told my Mum but left Gavin in bed a little longer. I run myself a bath and laid in it for about 20 minutes. Then I got un comfortable to got out, walked around the house then got back in the bath again. I think I repeated this about 20 times. After getting out the bath once I literally fell onto the bed because of a pain, which woke Gavin up and then he started to worry. I told him to stay in bed and try and sleep as it may be a long day ahead of us. I went and put a pizza in the over so I knew he wouldn’t get hangary at the hospital. I kept popping into the bath and back on the ball whilst it was cooking. I think he managed to eat 3/4 of the pizza before I had enough and wanted to go hospital. 

We got to the hospital and I could hardly walk because of the pains in my back. I was on the abc ward as I had a water birth planned. They gave me paracetamol and let me go into the pool as a bath, so only filled it half way. I really needed to wee but I just couldn’t go. By this point I was getting annoyed as they had only given me paracetamol and I was only 2cm dilated still. I already knew he was back to back so that’s why it hurt so much in my back. The bath was such a good pain relief but I think the pain of needing a wee wasn’t helping. I decided to get out the bath as the midwife mentioned TENS machines are good for back pain. I didn’t have one but Mum was on the hunt for one. My sisters friend had one so my brother in law drove round there to get me that. I finally had the TENs machine and it was a god send for a few hours anyway. I was examined again and was still only 2cm. I had now been in labour for hours but it’s not established labour until you are 4cm. I had called my Nan up to the ward by 10pm that night as I have always been super close with her. I just cried as soon as she arrived but I felt so much calmed knowing she was there. Time passed by and I finally got to 4cm which meant I could have gas and air. OH MY GOD. This was by far the best thing. I don’t really remember much but saying the most random shit to my Nan, like “get me a chocolate milkshake, can I have your jumper” haha, I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what jumper she had on. I was sick a lot, I think it was from the gas and air and mixed with the drinks I was drinking. Projectile vomit, everywhere. It was awful. 

I remember asking if I could go back into the pool and they said that my temperature was going up really high and the baby’s heart beat was a bit worrying. They said to wait a bit as I may have to go upstairs. Which in about 5 minuets happened. We was rushed upstairs and taken to delivery suite. I was fuming as I couldn’t have gas and air as we was travelling so I was literally screaming, like they do on one born every minute. I always said I wouldn’t do that too. Whoops. They had to try to get an iv drip into me to get some anti biotics into me straight away, they knew my body was fighting an infection but didn’t know what one. They also done bloods too. I was upstairs for only a little while before I was sick all over my midwife, like literally in her face, over her hair and clothes. Sorry hun. I don’t really remember much as I was taking the gas and air constantly. Not stopping in between contractions so I was as high as kite anD I think it was the best way. I wasn’t in much pain now and only knew I was having a contraction because the midwife told me. 

Monday 18th December (1 day before due date):

My waters still hadn’t broken and I had been asking her to break them the whole time I was upstairs. The baby was still back to back and he was now trying to come out back to back and in the sack. The midwife quickly broke my waters, he turned and came out within 3 minutes of me pushing. I can just explain it as it felt like a huge snake had left my body, most disgusting feeling ever. He was handed to me by his neck and laid on my chest, I literally smiled and was falling asleep. I didn’t even ask what the sex was and just cuddling him. My Nan said “It’s a boy!!” and then I went oh yeh, haha. I then mentioned that he looked like my nephew mason before he was rushed off to be checked over. He came out super clean and only had a little bit of blood on his head. He had to be taken to special care because I had just had anti biotics so he would need some too. Gavin cried as soon as he saw him and was getting so worried when he got taken away but I knew he was fine although he didn’t even cry when he came out. He kind of made a huge sigh as if to say he had just been woken up type thing. 

After a while My Mum and Nan went home and left me and Gavin to chill as we had now been at the hospital for hours. Gavin was super cute and making sure Me and the Baby were Ok. I got told I had to wait a while before going down to the ward so I was just giving the baby cuddles, Gave him his first bottle (which he demolished) and then rested. I had to get Gavin to pass me the baby as I was connected to so many different wires and could hardly move. Gavin fell asleep on the most uncomfortable chair ever so we was excited to go down to the ward. The whole time Gavin and the baby were sleeping I was super scared as I was bleeding so much. Like I understand I have just given birth to a baby I am going to bleed a bit. But this amount of blood wasn’t normal at all. It was going through all the sheets they were giving me within 5 minutes of them changing it. I asked if this was normal and they said yes. I had to get them to change it about 7 times in one hour. I then told Gavin I was a bit concerned and he then said to get a second opinion. The hospital made Gavin go home as there was nowhere to sleep on the ward. So not long after he left and they tried to take me down to the ward I asked for a second opinion. 

Luckily I had asked for a second opinion as as soon as the doctor came in and examined me he was very concerned, as soon as he pushed my belly in I was literally pouring with blood. He said “get someone here for the baby now, you need surgery NOW!” he ran out the room and got me a slot for surgery. I then started to panic, as anyone would. I couldn’t call Gavin to come back as his phone had died. I Called my Mum and she knew something wasn’t right by the sound of my voice. She said “whats wrong?” and I burst into tears and said “you need to get here right now”. My Mum got there within 5-10 minutes. The doctor then came round again and scanned my belly, he noticed my placenta had broken and tore off which meant it was still in my belly. My belly was fighting it so it didn’t infect me and that’s why I was bleeding so much. This made my mind go into over drive, I was worrying I would die, not be able to have children again and all sorts. To be told I had to have surgery now was very frightening but they left me 3/4 hours before I went in. My sister and friend had come up to visit me and gone before I even went in to surgery.

I was in the surgery room and surprisingly very calm, they needed to do a spinal block which I knew they would struggle with as I had sciatica and I have scoliosis which is a curve in my spine. I told the person doing it that it will be tricky but of course he was right. NOT, he had to do it twice (which is probably why I can’t feel my little toe on my right foot anymore). I told one lady that they was a lot calmed in there then what they are on greys anatomy and she found it funny but strange how I was so calm before having surgery awake. Surgery all went well and I was taken round to recovery where My Mum and Baby would be. 

Whilst being in recovery it was so nice to be back with my Baby but my Mum needed to go home and sleep. After she went I really struggled, The hospital didn’t give me my buzzer so I couldn’t ask for help and also couldn’t walk to get them or tell them I needed help. I was still connected to the iv drip and it was just frustrating to not be able to get my baby out. Hours passed and I had a good sleep, I had finally had someone to come in and help a bit and she got my buzzer for me. Suddenly loads of nurses came rushing into the room, took away the mother and baby that was next to me and I was left alone in my room. I was thinking, I wonder what’s wrong with her. I hope she is ok. When really, she was moved because of me. I then had a nurse come in dressed in an apron and clothes to tell me that my bloods had come back and I had caught strep A. I now had to be in isolation until I had been given all my anti-biotics and I was better. I felt horrendous then but it didn’t hit home until my sister tried to visit me and she wasn’t allowed in. She could only speak to me at the door. She burst into tears but she does cry over everything. I am her little sister and she is a worrier so she was a mess and cried the entire time she stood there. She then left and called my Mum, I got the nurse to put my phone on charge and I cried for about 4 hours straight I think. Not only was I a new mum with a new born baby, I had just had surgery and can’t use my legs. I also wasn’t allowed visitors or any help. I was in that same room for 4 days on my own. 

Continued onto another blog post My Hospital Experience. 

I kept writing Baby as we didn’t name Lennon until day 3.

I hope I didn’t bore you all too much. 

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Jade x


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    Omg Jade sounds like you had a horrific experience bless you! 😩 xx

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