First night away from Lennon

“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair & gold in his heart”. 

Not sure my Dad will like this quote, But I think its cute. Sorry Dad. 

I didn’t have a night away from Lennon for any particular reason, my Dad has been begging me to let him stay at his for ages. After we set a day I then decided to make the most of it, I planned a few things with my best friend Kerri. I had made plans for the day and night to keep myself occupied so I wouldn’t worry about Lennon so much. I knew he would be fine as he has just been with my Dad for our holiday. I have left him for a few hours at a time but not for the whole night. I think I was just super nervous about not going home to him in his cot. 

On the Saturday, I got up early and prepared Lennon’s things to go to my Dad’s, I can’t believe how much stuff a baby needs for just one night away. My Dad was picking Lennon up about 12:30 and I was packing at 10am, stressing so much, making myself get all hot and flustered. I was just so worried I would forget something, I packed double of everything just in case. I was then worrying I wouldn’t be ready in time for when Kerri picked me up and that just made things worse. Luckily I managed to get Lennon’s stuff ready, him dressed and asleep so I could focus on myself quickly. As I finished getting ready and came downstairs my Dad was here. Such a relief. Then, I remembered I needed to find myself a hand bag as Lennon’s changing bag won’t be with me, ahhh. I was finally ready and had my bag and Lennon’s bag packed. I finally sat down for a minute to have a cuppa when Kerri & her Mum knocked on the door. They came in quickly to see Lennon then we all left, Dad took Lennon to his and Me, Kerri and her Mum went to St Albans to watch their friends children in the theatre. It just so happened to be my all time favourite, ANNIE! Anyone who knows me will know how excited I was in the car.

After we watched Annie which was amazing by the way, such a good atmosphere and the girls were brilliant. We went back to Kerri’s so she could shower and get some stuff together for out night on the town. He Mum kindly made us food as she knew we was going to be drinking and wouldn’t make any for ourselves haha. Whilst at Kerri’s I called my Mum to see if my Dad had called her yet (they aren’t together), he had. He had called her twice already but didn’t want to call me to worry me, cute! The first thing was because he couldn’t work out how to use my spare buggy and the second thing was because I forgot to put a bowl and spoon in for Lennon’s dinner. Which meant my Dad had to use a metal spoon and Lennon hated it and kept crying, wahh sorry boy. When we arrive at mine, the first thing we done was get the prosecco out and the pint glasses! We both then got ready very slowly which strangely went fast, took some photos (of course) and then headed to town. We went to 3 bars, Lloyds, reflex and hyde out. Lloyds was ok, Reflex we normally love but got bored and then hyde out was awful so we decided to aim for food and a taxi home. I got a halloumi wrap , yum. We got home and literally went straight to sleep, I think we was both exhausted. 

Sunday Morning. I woke up without Kerri and without Lennon, that was sad. I also woke up with the worst neck pain ever, I think I had such a deep sleep that I slept funny. I then just laid there on my phone for around 45 minutes, just because I could without being interrupted. I texted my Mum and said I was awake but chilling (she was downstairs, ha). I finally decided to get up and go down after my Mum replied asking me if I wanted a cuppa. By the time I got downstairs I then remembered that some bloke stamped on my foot last night because I looked down and my two toes next to my big toe were so bruised. I could hardly walk on it and the pain was awful, I have put it down to being broken but there isn’t anything you can do for it, wahh. I was only downstairs about 30 minutes before my Dad and Lennon were back. I gave him the biggest cuddle and just didn’t want to let go, of course he just wanted to climb all over me and eventually get on the floor to crawl. When my Dad left Lennon was getting tired so I got a bottle ready, went upstairs and laid in my bed with him. We then both woke up 2 hours later, happy days. But, This also meant I was running late for our Father’s Day plans with Lennon’s Dad. 

We then rushed to get ready and headed straight over, Which didn’t take me long at all thank fully. Gavin loved his presents, especially the photo book I done for him. We had a lovely day as a family, Me and Gavin even went out for dinner baby free which was amazing. You do really need to make time for each other too.

Overall my first experience with leaving Lennon over night was a success but doesn’t mean I want to do it any time soon. I like to know he is just next to me and I can cuddle him when I want. Soon I will be transitioning him into his own bedroom and I don’t know how I will cope with that.

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Jade x


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