6 Month Update.

“Your son will hold your hand for a little while…But hold your heart for a lifetime”.

Lennon’s Likes:

Floor time – 
Lennon is now rolling over from front to back and back to front. He is crawling & getting so fast at it. It’s beginning to be hard work at home. Lennon can now sit unaided but can also move himself into the crawling position so just always lays down. The crawling is crazy scary as I will put him down in the front room, go make a bottle, come back in and I then can’t find him. His most favourite thing to do at the moment on the floor is lay with his nappy off, he holds his legs and swings his bottom half all over the place. Yes!! We have had some wees/poos go everywhere, HAHAHAHA.  
Bathtime –
Our favourite thing to do is milk baths, I have done a few now now but always forget to take a picture, Whoops. Lennon still loves bath time and I have recently started putting him in a bath seat. He can now reach his toys better and splashes so much. I get soaked. Had everyone heard about the rubber ducks?
Toys –
Lennons favourite toy is still his ewan the sheep noise machine, I have recently brought the blankie too and he wont sleep without it now. I also got him a Barney teddy which sings the song from a charity shop for £2, he can now squeeze it himself so the noise works. His other toys he likes are Lamaze ones which are so handy as I can hang them on his buggy or his car seat. Jumperoo, we love it. So handy to put him in to get some jobs done. 
Weaning –
Lennon’s favourite foods are Heinz chocolate biscotti biscuits, cauliflower cheese, apple, marmite on crumpets. I have written a weaning blog post too. Lennon has now got a highchair, but… I think he is still a little too small so we are using his mamas and papas bumper chair. 
Riley –
Since we came back from our holiday Lennon is obsesses with our dog Riley, before we went I don’t think Lennon even knew he exsisted. Now he just watches and stares at him all day. He loves it when he licks his face and Lennon always grabs his ears and baggy skin and doesn’t let go. Riley also loves him so so much, if I come downstairs without him he sits at the bottom of the stairs, if I leave him in the buggy in the garde, he sits outside with him. He just wants to know exactly where he is at all times. I came home without Lennon the other day and he sat at the back gate waiting for him to come home. Its the sweetest thing and I cant wait for Lennon to be older to see how strong the bond gets. 

Lennon’s dis likes:

Teething –
We still don’t have any teeth, they are taking ages now. Not much has changed since he started teething apart from dribble. Wow, there is so much. We are still using all the same products apart from we use a few more teethers now. I have a new dummy clip for him that is a teether too and I love it. It is from an Instagram shop @montanababy.x
Sleep –
Sleep is a myth, where has my sleepy new born gone that sleeps all day and night. He sometimes only has a few naps in the day which I can’t even help as he just refuses to sleep. Which then results him in falling asleep early, like straight after a dinner and bath. So he wakes up without doubt between 1-3 and then again between 4-6. Sometimes he won’t go back to sleep when he wakes up for the second time. I have tried to dream feed but that doesn’t seem to work. Please comment below if you have any ideas that may help, I need sleep!! I am super lucky with the fact he still self soothes though. 

What have I learnt since my last update? 

I have learnt that I am a brilliant Mum and that I am doing everything I possibly can for my son. I have been told a few times that I have been doing things wrong and I won’t lie and say it didn’t get to me, it bloody did. I need to have confidence in myself more. I do things because I think it is best for my son not best for everyone else. Weaning is a big one too, It is so scary giving your baby finger foods for the first time, he was soo good and touch wood he hasn’t choked once. 

What else has happened since my last update?

We went on holiday, ahh. I have a blog post about that, please have a read. We had a lovely time and I cant wait to go away again. He visited his first zoo whilst we was there and all he was interested in was the meerkats so we got him a meerkat teddy. We have found that Lennon loves going to the park and playing on the swings. I brought him his own swing for the garden too. We have visited a lot of family as the weather has been a lot nicer, and we also had sleepovers. We celebrated Lennon’s cousins first birthday at our house and Lennon got lots of attention for everyone, makes me so excited to plan his birthday. We went on days out, one with his god mummy which we loved and we stayed at her house for a whole weekend. A blog post about that.

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Jade x



  1. June 18, 2018 / 11:05 am

    What a lovely blog post! It’s nice that this is always here for you to look back on and see how much he’s changed xx

  2. October 8, 2018 / 1:18 pm

    Lovely post and great to witness the development in all your other pieces.

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