Top 5 Mum tricks

“It’s not easy being a mother, if it was easy fathers would do it”.

  1. My first ever trick I did as a Mum was not having to wear maternity jeans when pregnant. I used a 2 hair bands connected together to make my jeans do up so I still wore all my own jeans when I was 5 mum tricks hairband
  2. Lennon hated the bath at first, so I was doing everything I could to help him get used to it as I love baths and I really wanted him to enjoy them too. I started off by wrapping him in a towel when in the water then I got this huge sponge pillow for him to lay on. I don’t think he liked being exposed and too naked. He now loves the bath and cries when I get him out.
  3. I was so lazy and couldn’t be bothered to go down stairs all the time for night feeds so I would fill his water up in a flask and it would stay warm enough all night. If I needed to cool it down I would put it in a cold jug of water.61LYDKexBNL._SY879_
  4. When I started weaning Lennon he kind of just sat there with the food in his mouth, to teach him how to move it in his mouth and swallow I would put his dummy in his mouth with a little bit off food. He now eats so well and is feeding himself his finger foods. I have a blog post about weaning him.thumbnail_Image-5
  5. When he started to out grow the sleepyhead pillow when laying on his belly I took the big long cushion out and put it on the cot under the cot sheet. I could spread the pillow out as far as I needed, it helped him sleep so much. He is preferring to sleep on his back at the moment so he is back in the sleepyhead the proper way now. I just wanted to test out if he would sleep still if I was to buy the sleepyhead grand before wasting my money.thumbnail_Image-6

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  1. June 15, 2018 / 9:33 pm

    Thank you for sharing your tips! I loved the bath one, I will defiantly have to try that if (WHEN) I have another baby as both of mine didn’t really like baths!

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