“Baby Weaning”.

I would just like to start by saying that I have worked in a nursery for many years and I have helped a LOT of babies start weaning now. I have also researched so much more since having Lennon! So if any Mum Police are reading please leave any negative thoughts and opinions to yourself. 

I have started weaning Lennon at age 4 months instead of the recent preferred age of 6 months, When I was little my mum weaned me at this age and so many other people did too. If your baby is ready for food they will show signs of it, they will also tell you if they aren’t as soon as you try them with food. 

The first week.

For the first week I only gave Lennon a meal at dinner time, I was hoping it would help him sleep a bit better which it did. I was only using the powdered food so you just add 2/3 scoops with baby formula or boiled water. At first he was only taking a few spoonful’s but by the end of the week he was demolishing the whole pot and I even had to add more scoops when making it. I mainly weaned him whilst on holiday, I started 2 days before I went. Crazy I know but it worked well for me. By the end of the holiday I had started introducing a breakfast too. 

The only thing I had found he didn’t like by this point was baby rice even with blended fruit & veg, he would prefer it just blended by itself. 

I then introduced powdered dinners at night and used the porridge for only breakfast. I also would use rusks sometimes to make it less boring. 

Eventually I introduced a yogurt after dinner too and this seemed to help him sleep more. After about a month and a half I then introduced jars/pouches and was giving him 3 meals a day. I always wanted to just make my own food and blend it but no one has time for that. 

Now at 5 and a half months old he has 3 meals a day, eats the lot and wants more sometimes. I have recently introduced finger foods after his meal too. I am aware that some of them say from 6/7 months but I have been sitting with him when giving him them and I would never give him something I didn’t think he was ready for. 


At 6 months.

I will do an update after a while but I aim to do baby led weaning as it is something I strongly believe in. Lennon will be going to nursery in September and I think it will be a lot easier for them if he can feed himself. I will start by giving him a meal half blended half for him to feed himself so I know that he is eating something still. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask I am more then willing to answer them. If you think I am doing something wrong then please keep your opinion to yourself 🙂

I have posted lots of photos of Lennon on my Instagram @_jadebowden

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