Letters to Lennon

“Be courageous and try to write something that scares you a little”

I feel that nothing is sentimental anymore now that technology is taking over the entire world. Why can’t we use technology in our favour? Everyone seems to use their phone more then anything else these days so I think my latest idea is a pretty good one.

I have recently seen one of my friends from school write a facebook status about her letters to her little girl and I loved it. I want to write a letter and attach some photos every month and send it to an email address I have made. I will be asking my friends and family to also write random letters to him too. I would love to keep it a secret to him until he is 18 but I am far to impatient for that and will end up making him read them as soon as he can read! I already print pictures off of Lennon every month so this is just an extra thing for when he is older.

I also have the worst memory so would love to look back with him and see all the things we have done together.

I have started writing his first letter I send to him and I am taking my time as I want the first one to be special. I am unsure if I want to put his letters into my blog or not, what do you think? (comment below)

If any of you would like to send him a letter then please don’t hesitate, his new email address is lennonsletters@outlook.com

It will be lovely if other people send him letters too. 

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Jade x



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