Mum crush Monday

Mum – ‘A title just above a Queen’. 

I have recently found a blog which is full of honesty, laughter, advice and gorgeous photos. Two Mums called Amelia & Jodie have teamed up to do the blog together and they are doing a fabulous job. They both have little boys, do lots of things together and just are brilliant to follow on Instagram and the blog. 

I thought I would do my own version of Mum crush Monday on them. 

Amelia & Arlo (Instagram) 

Amelia is a beautiful Mumma of one, she fell pregnant in her last year of University and still managed to finish. She then decided to leave the city for the coast to enjoy time with her family. You can contact her at

Jodie & Jax (Instagram)

Jodie is a stunning Mumma of one, she is living in Essex with her family. She juggles being on maternity leave, general chores and everyday problems all whilst being an amazing mother and blogger. You can contact her at


They do a mixture of things on the blog; Motherhood, pregnancy, confessions of a bad mum, mum crush Monday, and more. My favourites have to be mum crush Monday and confessions of a bad mum. Mum crush Monday makes explains all about a Mum they have recently found or known for a while. They write lovely things about them and it genuinely makes them feel a whole lot better and that they are doing an amazing job at being a Mum. We all know that we all doubt ourselves sometimes. Confessions of a bad mum, well I love this because I can relate to almost every post. I have recently confessed something that I do on the blog. Go and have a read I can assure you will love it. 

They have recently written  blog post about mothers and mixed race babies, they collaborated with educating mummy which I have also written about before. I don’t exactly relate to them but I have some friends that do. If you have children who are mixed race please go and have a read. 

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