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‘Being a Mother is Magical’

The Mumma I have interviewed is called Lauren, her partner is called Joseph and she is a new Mummy. Read below to find out some more about her but also look and follow her on Instagram. @xbarkleyandmex

How many children do you have?

One baby boy 

Why did you choose the name/names you did?

I loved the name Barkley since the day I found out I was having a boy, my partner loved it too but no one else really did. I think because they hadn’t really heard of it before so it just made me want it more. Thank god now they all love it! 

What is the best thing about being a Mother?

I love being a mum for the completely cliché reasons but the unconditional love and the sense of purpose and meaning he gave me are my top .. along with waking up to massive smiles everyday! 

Will you have any more children?

I always said I wanted 3 children but now I’ve had one I can see why people have 6/7.. Eeeek!

Do you still spend time with your partner alone?

Unfortunately my partner is a massive donut and is actually in prison so we really don’t see him that often as he’s quite far away. (I understand I’m probably gonna get judged a whole lot on this one) but he’s really is a lovely person just a bad patch in life. 

What is your favourite family day out?

I loooove taking Barkley swimming, I took him once a few months ago and he absolutely loved it! So we try and go every other day for half an hour in the afternoon his little face lights up every time. 

How do you find time to get stuff done around the house?

I’m not gonna lie, because I’m on my own I got used to doing things one handed when he was tiny but now I rely on babytv Just whilst I do stuff around the house and prepare his bottles otherwise nothing would get done! Luckily he does play with his toys on his mat as well I don’t just shove him in front of the TV with nothing lol. 

Have you ever left your child over night?

No and I don’t think I can! Sometimes I think I could really do with a night out but the thought of leaving my baby puts me off for life! Is that a mum thing or a me thing?!

Where do you shop for clothes? (Yourself & Baby)

So I used to get everything for Barkley from next or gap but recently we’ve gotten a bit obsessed with the small shops on Instagram! I’m waiting by the door for the postman daily! I shop for myself In primark/ new look but I can’t even remember the last time I bought myself something new! I feel so guilty if I do!

Have you ever struggled with mental health?

The year before I had Barkley I was in such a black hole I never thought I’d get out of it. I tried counselling  and talking to people but I didn’t really have a reason as to why I felt so down so I never knew what to say to them, I just felt stupid. I opened up to my friends more than anyone else because they just always knew the right things to say. Thankfully I got so much better very quickly. Now Barkley is more than enough reason to make me smile daily but I still do have rubbish days where I start questioning if I’m a good mum and what not. 

Do you work? or going back to work?

I worked in a nursery with the Pre-schoolers which I absolutely loved! I want to be with Barkley for as long as possible so when he’s 2 and a half/3 I’ll put him in a nursery where hopefully I can also work. 

Have you ever travelled with your baby? What are your top tips?

I haven’t gone anywhere far with Barkley and tbh I couldn’t even imagine where to start. I take a suitcase when we just stay at my mums for a night! I’m definitely taking him to butlins for the weekend at the end of the year so please send tips on how to pack! Haha 

Do you have a favourite Mum idol?

I have just recently started to follow lots of mums on Instagram and I love seeing their babies and seeing how we do things differently and getting tips! But my mum definitely has to be my idol. 

What do you think about the whole situation about Princess Kate?

Again, I’m not even gonna lie I have no interest in the royal family? Is that bad? Oops! 

Do you have a blog or ever thought about starting one?

I don’t have one and I would like to start one but I’m so rubbish at writing things it probably wouldn’t even make sense to me when I reread it let alone anyone else! 

I personally think you would be amazing at blogging, I have encouraged a few people to start blogging now and I really think you should do it. I relate to you in so many ways and you have been such a lovely lady to talk to. I admire you for doing this whole thing alone and no one has the right to judge you about your partner. 

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