Reminiscing my childhood


“A part of life that creates beautiful memories”.

One of my questions on my Q&A was “what is you favourite childhood memory?” and it really took me back to a lot of great memories I have had as a child. I couldn’t ever choose just one, thinking about all these memories has made me want to make the most of my time with Lennon. They aren’t in any particular order.

  1. Disneyland Paris, who doesn’t love Disneyland! To be honest I don’t really remember too much of it but what I do remember is having an amazing time. My auntie and uncle took me, they spoiled me soo much. They were struggling to have a child at the time so they loved taking me out. They now have twins so got 2 for the price of 1. I remember my uncle telling me to go on a roller coaster, I was so excited. My first proper roller coaster, loving life on there until. It stopped. Then, went back wards and upside down. My auntie and uncle were pissing themselves at the facial expressions I was pulling. They didn’t tell me it did that, little buggers. Ever since I have been an adrenaline junky and love rides.
  2. I remember my Grandad telling me we are going to a party, he made me get dressed up in my bestest party dress and gets me all excited. We drive in the car for a while and then we get to a drive in bank, were here he shouts. I didn’t care, I thought it was amazing. He turned the music up I danced and then we went home and I boasted to my brother and sisters that I went to a party with Grandad.
  3. Some of you may know but some may not, I was obsessed with football as a child. All sports really but football was the best. My bestfriend at the time (Shannon) and I both got picked to play for Hertfordshire in a big tournament, we ended up winning. I just remember how good it felt at the end, the atmosphere was amazing.
  4. Camping, I love camping holidays. We have done them since I was a baby, in tents and caravans. This time last year I was camping in Devon with my brother and dad. I was pregnant at the time but didn’t know. Devon has to be the best place to go as we have family there and its beautiful but I have also visited other places like isle of white, Clacton, great Yarmouth.
  5. Anyone who lives in Hertfordshire must have been to Cassiobury park, its huge. There is a little hut which sells food and drinks and swimming pools next to it. We used to always go in the summer, I spent most of my time in the river as the pools were always packed. The river was fun, more of a challenge and I loved the waterfall.
  6. Family parties are always fun but ones in my uncles pub (at the bottom of his garden) yes, in his garden. They were the best, all the kids would be in the garden on the trampoline, swings and pool out of the adults way and we would have the best time. We then even used the pub ourselves when me and my cousins were old enough to drink. I would get so protective over it when my cousins friends would be round. Unfortunately they don’t live in the same house now but I will forever treasure my memories in that house with my cousins (Claire & Kerry).
  7. The first time I became an auntie I was 8, in primary school and just a child myself. My sister is 10 years older then me and had her first bubba at 17/18. It was the most surreal thing and I feel it made me grow up so much quicker, I used to help her all the time with him. I put my love for working with children down to my sister for having a baby, Thank you Stacey.
  8. This one cringes me out but its cute at the same time. I remember going to a school disco, year 9 if I am remembering right. My best friend Stacy (still my bestie now) and I went wearing the same exact thing, white shorts, black long sleeved top, white waist coat, white leg warmers and black shoes. How awful. I remember everyone loved out outfit and I really don’t understand why haha. I also remember we had boyfriends at the time and it was a valentines day disco. We spent the whole night smooching them and then ended the night with a picture of us four in a heart shaped balloon thing. The picture even made it to the year book, ewww.
  9. Anyone ever been to worlds end nurseries? It is a huge garden centre which is amazing at Christmas, they decorate the whole place up and do a huge display to walk through before meeting Father Christmas. I remember going there with all my siblings and cousins. They would give you the best presents too.
  10. Now if you didn’t own a pair of heelies then who the beep are you. They were the bomb, I used to use mine all the time. In the harlequin or a super market was the best as they would just glide so easily. (For older/younger people then me, they are shoes with wheels at the bottom of the heel).

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