My worries about travelling with a baby.

 “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want”

I am probably overthinking because I am so nervous about flying with such a small baby for the first time. I have heard it’s easier when they are younger as you don’t need to entertain them as much. I have read so many blogs for tips and tricks which have seemed to help a lot. 

Packing or should I say over packing 

Taking more then what is needed will just be more things to carry, I plan on outfit planning and taking 2 day time outfits and 1 night time outfit for Lennon and 1 day time and 1 night time for me. I say plan because I have never been a light packer but I also never use everything I take with me. 


By supplies I mean the important things like milk, nappies etc. I have worried the most about milk as I know how picky airports are with liquids and its the thing Lennon will need the most. You can take under 1 litre of ready made milk or you can take boiled water and powder but the powder must be in a clear sandwich type bag. I plan on taking a few mini ready made bottles and buy more at the airport and taking a bag of powder to use when we are there. Nappies, how many will I even need. The flight is 4 hours long and you spend time art airports and travelling. What if the flight is delayed? I will probably take around 10-15 nappies just to be sure, no one wants to run out of nappies mid flight. I have no idea how many to pack for the rest of the holiday either, luckily we use pampers so can be brought pretty much anywhere anyway. I am going to buy teething gel, granules and calpol at the airport as its easier then trying to get it through security. 


This has always been a huge thing for me whenever I travel even without a baby so now my anxiety about this is through the roof. You can’t keep the baby in the buggy when going through security so I am unsure of how I will cope carrying everything and a baby. Apparently if you are holding a baby they don’t make you take your shoes off so that’s a lot of help. The security at the airports have got crazy since all of these horrendous things are happening around the world. It makes me feel protected but also makes travelling so much more stressful. Lennon’s passport is the cutest thing I have seen and it really reminds me of my first ever passport, he looks so much like me. I am slightly worried I will get questioned as Lennon has a different surname as me and his dad isn’t coming. I am going to take his birth certificate just in case. 


I obviously want the weather to be nice and hot, this Mumma needs a nice tan but I can’t help but not want it to be too hot for Lennon. He is so pale and it would be my worst nightmare if he got burnt. Then on the other hand I would hate it to rain the whole time, I have been looking at my weather app and it looks very promising so fingers crossed. 

Buggy / Carrier

I am going to take both, I will be using the buggy as much as I can but when it’s easier to carry him I will put him in the carrier so I can still have my hands to use. The buggy will be the best thing for in the day as he will be comfortable and hidden from the sun and sitting in shade. I have a big sun shield so I am hoping that it helps cover him that little bit more. I have borrowed a stroller type buggy that is suitable for a 4 month old as it lays completely flat from a family member as I think my travel system will be too heavy and I really don’t want it to get ruined. 

3 blogs I found most helpful.

Susie J Verrill  (Click the picture to view her blog)IMG_5759

Hannah Fanciful – (Click the picture to view her blog)IMG_5169

The travelling twosome – (Click picture to view their blog)



Lennon’s passport cover


If you have any tips, tricks or advice you would like to share with me please comment below or email me. 

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  1. April 17, 2018 / 12:48 pm

    Wow, that’s a great quote!! Hope your trip goes well. 🙂

  2. April 19, 2018 / 1:00 am

    Have a great trip! Thanks for the mention. You sound prepared and surely you will be perfectly fine 👌

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