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“Sometimes questions are more important then answers”

Let me just start by saying what a fun post to write, it was something a bit different and I really got to know what the audience want to see. I would like to say Thank you to Amber for giving me this idea, she recently did a post like this. (Click here to view her blog)  This is a fairly long post as I got asked more questions then I thought I would so go grab a cuppa.

I will post the questions down in the exact order I have received them. 

Do you think you will have any more children?

Maybe, Who knows what the future holds. But, not any time soon.

How do you feel about going back to work?

I feel excited but so nervous, I know how hard it can be for a child to settle into a nursery and be with other people and I really don’t want to have to hand him over crying. We visit my work family a lot and he seems familiar with them already so hopefully we won’t have any problems. 

Did you plan to have Lennon?

Nope, was a huge shock to me and his dad but we wouldn’t change what happened for the world. He is the best thing that ever happened to us.

Do you find you and Gavin are still as close as you was before?

We are and we aren’t, we still argue like cat & dog but now its about different things. It’s not about one of us getting too drunk or where we want to eat out. It’s about who is more tired or who needs to make the next bottle. I want us to focus on more time just the two of us and as a family. Now the weather is getting better and Lennon is getting older it will be a lot easier

When did you first take lennon to soft play?

I haven’t taken him yet, I aim to take him when we come back from our holiday so May time.

How do you edit your photos on Instagram?

I use a variety of apps and it all depends on what type of picture it is. My fave app is vsco but I also use photoshop mix when I need to edit the background more.

Do you use a camera or iphone for your photos?

I use both, I use my iPhone camera more then my camera. The camera I use is a Nikon D60.

Do you always stick to being gluten free?

I have been trying to wean myself into eating it more and more recently but my body isn’t always on my side. Sometimes I only have a few symptoms when eating it but other times I am literally bending over in pain and throwing up. I have also been on iron tablets since having Lennon due to loosing so much blood so that’s not helping my body digest properly at the moment.

What schools did you go to?

Leavesden Green J.M.I. primary school & Francis Combe Academy secondary school.

How did you get lennon into modelling?

I have a blog post about this, Click here.

Where & you meet your when did partner?

I met Gavin at a friends birthday meal in ‘the bowl’ Chinese restaurant in Watford. He was with one of his friends who was actually a friend of my friend. Wow, confusing. But, yeah, all started there on 27th January 2011 and we was together by 13th February 2011.

How comes you only focus on Lennon on your Instagram now and not of you and Gavin?

I am not as confident in taking ‘selfies’ anymore so Lennon is the easiest thing to take pictures of. Gavin has his own Instagram to put photos on and I wouldn’t want to bombard my followers with him when I can bombard them with Lennon who is by far much cuter. (Sorry Gavin) I can’t help but take thousands of photos of him. Every photo is a memory.

How was your pregnancy and birth with Lennon?

I didn’t enjoy being pregnant at all, the thought of being pregnant had always scared me because I couldn’t stand the thought of something growing inside me and I can’t control it. Strange I know as some people love that, don’t get me wrong a womens body is amazing but pregnancy is not for me. I have written a blog about why I kept my pregnancy a secret, click here to view it. My birth was also awful, it was 48 hours long, he was back to back, I caught an infection and ended up staying in hospital for a week. I have a blog about my birth story here on my old blog and my hospital stay here.

What do you do for a job, will you go back to do the same job?

I work in a day nursery in the room with the toddlers, I will be going back to work in September and Lennon will be going to nursery too. I will be writing a blog post about our transition nearer the time.

Do you get looked down on by ‘older’ mums for being a ‘young’ Mum?

This question is a good one, it all depends on where I am and who else I am with too. I have recently been in a shop and some old women literally said “wow you are young, how old are you?” to which I replied “23” and then she said “oh, I was married and have 2 children by your age. I often get funny looks when I am with any of my nieces and nephews as well as Lennon too. It winds me up that it was ok to have babies young years ago and that its the people that had babies young that look at you funny. Just because I have had a baby fairly young doesn’t mean my life is over, it means I get to share all the amazing memories with a Mini Me and get to go clubbing with him on his 18 as I won’t be waiting for my hip replacement. RANT OVER. 

Any regrets you have learned from?

The only thing I regret is not having my own home and driving before having my baby. But these things can be done so I am not worried at all. 

What’s the hardest thing you’ve found as being a Mum?

I have had it pretty easy so far with Lennon, he eats, sleeps and entertains himself very well. I have now started getting less sleep, not much done around the house and never drink a hot cuppa now that he is teething but we are coping still. 

Does or would Gavin help with night feeds or if Lennon wakes? At the beginning/now?

At the beginning Gavin found it really hard to help as he was so scared of hurting him, he has got a lot better now though. Lennon is so used to me in the night that he doesnt always settle for anyone else. But of course like the majority of dads these days, he still lets me get up to do it. Unless he knows I am super tired or unwell. 

Do you live on your own? (With parents or?)

We live with my mumma.

Are you thinking of going back to work? If so full time or part time?

I am going back to work on the 4th September for 4 days a week, I would love to stay at home but I just can’t afford to. Lennon will be coming to work with me as I work in a nursery. 

What age are you going to put Lennon in own room?

I would like to get Lennon into his own room before I go back to work as then I can get ready in the mornings without disturbing him but who knows. If I did manage to he would be 9 months. 

What is your favourite thing to buy at the cinema when you go?

Tango/Fanta frozen. (Not sure what one it is haha)

Do you have a certain side of the bed?

I have always slept on the left side of the bed but since having Lennon and his cot being on that side of my room I have gravitated towards that side. We found it really hard to swap at first and we kept rolling on top of each other. 

What is your fave social media?


Whats your fave childhood memory?

This was far to hard to answer so I have done a ruff plan for a blog about a few of my fave memorys. (Thanks for the new post idea).

3 pros and 3 cons of having a baby


  1. A baby to cuddle 24/7 is lush
  2. I love dressing him up
  3. You work out who your true friends are


  1. Expensive
  2. Tiredness
  3. Cold cuppa’s

What would Lennon be called if he was a girl?

I liked Lara, I always knew I wanted a name beginning with L to match his second name. 

What was the biggest surprise you encountered once you had a baby in the house?

How much my dog loves my baby, he is always watching him. When he cries he looks at me or if I’m in another room he will come to me. If Lennon is crying on someone elses lap then he will sit near them like he is protecting him. When Lennon has gone to bed he will lay at the bottom of the stairs. 

Who was the first person to find out about your pregnancy?

My Mumma, my sister (she was pregnant at the time), then my 3 best friends and then Gavin. whoops. 

What was the weirdest pregnancy craving?

At the beginning I really craved Galaxy Ripples and everyone at work would joke that I was pregnant and I laughed. (I found out at almost 3 months) In the middle I just had anything sweet, fizzy laces, fizzy drinks etc. Near the end I was obsessed with slush puppies and ice lollies. 

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My favourite childhood memories or My worries about flying with a baby. 

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