4 month update.

“Just hearing his little giggle makes all the tiredness go away”

Lennon’s likes


Floor time – 
Doesn’t matter if he is on his tummy or his back he loves to be on the floor and kicking his legs. He get’s very agitated now if he doesn’t get some space to stretch out. Lennon sometimes pushes off the floor and moves forward and I honestly don’t think it will be long before he is crawling. Lennon has started rolling over too, he can only manage to roll from being on his belly to his back though. Well Done Bubba.
Bathtime –
I never thought I would see the day where I say this is something he likes, but wow. He loves it now, in fact he has started to winge when I get him out. We have started to have more baths together too and I love it. It’s a lot more tricky but I feel it’s a brilliant way for us to bond.
Toys –
Lennon has taken a real interest in toys recently, he loves a certain few which make a rustle noise when you touch it. He is still learning how to hold things but he likes to just wack them with his hands.

Lennon’s dis likes:


Teething –
Yep, the dreaded teeth, I can see the outline of the two bottom teeth already. He constantly has his hands in his mouth and is the biggest dribble monster. I have found using calgel is the best and any type of powders. He has got on really well with those but I have heard babies can get addicted to them so I haven’t let him have them much since. Lennon really suffered with high temperature when teething until I found the Amber teething anklet, this thing is a god send. I have seen a drastic change in him since he has been wearing it.
Sleep –
Lennon has had a sudden change in his sleep routine, since he has started teething he has been waking up earlier in the morning. He now wakes up at around 4:30am and sometimes has a bottle or sometimes just wants his dummy back. I have been lucky and he goes off pretty quickly. I have also noticed a change in his naps during the day, he prefers to go back to bed for a nap or be in his buggy. I think it’s because he can go into a deep sleep when not being held.

Current feeding and bedtime routine. 


Lennon still has a bath bottle bed routine at night but now we have to get him in the bath a bit earlier as he doesn’t like to get out. Due to him not sleeping as well he has been occasionally coming into my bed in the mornings. I haven’t been sleeping though, we sit and watch netflix. I have never really been a fan of co-sleeping but a mumma got to do what she has to do. I have just been super lucky that he settles himself in bed. I would like to get him into his own room before we start nursery and back to work. Lennon has grown out of his sleepyhead so I have taken the pillow out of the sleepyhead and put it under his sheet to still give him the enclosed feel and he seems to be getting used to it. I am still unsure if I want to by the sleepyhead grand or not. Ewan is still a huge fave and I am going to be getting him some of the other teddy’s/comforters as soon as I remember.
Lennon will be starting the weaning stage as soon as I am back from holiday. We go on 1st May so he will be 4 and a half months when we come back. I will be spoon feeding until he is 6 months then baby led after that. I am so excited to start weaning him as it means he has hit another milestone and I am secretly waiting for the funny faces he will pull.

What have I learnt since my last update? 

I have learnt that sometimes my baby will need to cry, I obviously hate seeing him cry and upset but I have found when I let him cry for a few seconds without his dummy he soothes himself very quickly when I give his dummy back. He has become very clingy since starting to teeth so I have found it very hard to put him down, after him crying for a bit he soon settles himself. I have also learnt that it is ok to have a day at home where you don’t do anything, no house work just stay in and have a lazy day.

What else has happened since my last update?

Lennon celebrated his first easter with his cousins, we had a huge easter egg hunt in my Nan & Grandad’s garden, he slept the whole time in his buggy. We did a really fun activity with balloons, we tied a balloon (helium) to both legs and hands and when he moved the balloons moved. Lennon has been swimming for the first time, I wouldn’t say it went exactly to plan but we had fun. We have booked a holiday and we go on 1st May, just Lennon, My Dad and I. It’s my Dads first time flying and my first time taking a baby. Wish me luck please.


Easter 2018


Balloon fun


Floor time


Sleepyhead deluxe under the sheet


Lennon loves bath time


First time swimming

Questions I have for you!

Did you have the sleepyhead deluxe and then buy the sleepyhead grand? (Is it worth buying?)

What meal did you start weaning on? (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)

Have you ever travelled with a baby?

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