My fave Instagram Photographers.

I have done this post as I have always been into photography and never really done much about it. I would love to do a course to finally pursue a hobby I have always found interesting. I have chosen 5 ladies who have amazing photography skills. They all have different aspects that I find inspiring, I hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as I do. I found all of these ladies on Instagram but they also have blogs or websites for you to visit too. (In alphabetical order as I couldn’t put them in order)

Meet Bo,

Bo keeps a family photo diary of herself, her husband and her beautiful little girl. She lives in Limburg, Belgium but loves to travel as you can see in her photos. She is a pastel colour lover and has a passion for hair & make up. She captures beautiful and unique family moments on her camera. Bo’s photos are bright and vibrant and very appealing to the eye.  Bo writes articles for an online  lifestyle magazine, although they are in Dutch and not English so I just copy & paste it into google translate. Bo writes about things she gets up to, Instagram shops, tips and tricks of motherhood and much more. Please have a look at the links below.

Instagram – ourthreeoflife

Online Lifestyle Magazine – Bo

Meet Jessie Martin,

Jessie is a Wife and a Mama to a gorgeous little boy. She takes photos of herself, her little boy, her husband and her home. She uses her camera and her iPhone to take pictures and edit them. Jessie’s pictures have a theme, they are dark but so clear and have random pops of brighter pictures. She offers a free online course on how to help people improve their photography skills and shows you exactly how she edits her pictures. Jessie has also written about loosing her baby and how it affected her. Reading Jessie’s blog’s about editing photo’s has really motivated me to put more effort in with my own photography. Please have a look at the links below.

Instagram – hellojessiemartin – hellojessiemartin

Blog –

How loosing our baby changed my life, My motherhood and My lens

Hello photographers Facebook group

Free guide: Editing cheat sheet 

Free guide: Best tips for more flattering photos

Free photography course – Momtog in five


Meet Laurie,

Laurie is a Mum and focus’ her photos around her beautiful children and gorgeous home. I love the way she manipulates pieces of furniture to create an effect (the sink picture), It amazes me how she does all of this on her phone. Laurie’s photos look very natural and the main props she uses are the windows and doors. She does mini tutorials on her Instagram highlights and stories to help other people learn how to edit like how she does. Please have a look at the link below.

Instagram – lauries_little_ones

Well Done Laurie for being featured on @instagram page on 16.02.2016 with the picture below.


Meet Makayla Mayo,

Makayla is a photographer that captures people’s most happiest moments, she is based in Indiana. She gets family’s with their children, during pregnancy/birth,making announcements and more. Her photos gleam on her Instagram feed and feel very summery. She has inspired me into doing more photography for my own family. Makayla has her own Facebook page to promote her company. Please have a look at the links below.

Instagram – darlingwandererphotography 

Facebook – Darling Wanderer Photography

Makayla Mayo also has a personal Instagram that you could look at, her pictures are beautiful on there too.

Instagram – Makayla Mayo

Meet Vanessa Rivera,

Vanessa is a Mother, writer, traveler, sweets enthusiast and she makes every day magical. She lives in California with her husband, children and dog. Vanessa puts a huge amount of time planning, acting out and editing her photos. They are all so different which makes it super exciting when she next uploads a new photo. I love the fact she sometimes films her children’s reaction to the newest post. Vanessa is clearly very creative and so inspiring to follow on Instagram. She writes poetry, novelette’s, short stories and her thoughts. Please have a look at the link below.

Instagram – the_life_of_aivax

Blog – thelifeofaivax

Well Done to Vanessa for being featured on @instagram page on 27.03.2018 with the picture below.


I hope you have all found these ladies as inspiring as I do, Please go and follow them on Instagram and be nosey on their feed. I would just like to add that I had permission from all five ladies to do this blog post. I aim to do more photography posts in the future.

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Jade x