10 facts about me.

10 facts about me.

1. I used to be the fussiest eater and now I am the complete opposite. It was always hard for my Mum to get me to finish a meal but now I am asking for seconds.

2. I was planning to travel Australia for a year the same month I found out I was pregnant. My friend and I had arranged to do it together and had so many good things to do.

3. I was bitten by a dog really badly on my face when I was little whilst on holiday in Devon. It was on putsborough beach and it was our favourite place. We used to always go there and stay in a tent for the week. Every time we went back after the accident I got a free ice cream whenever we went to the little beach cafe.

4. I have 11 tattoos, some of them have a meaning and some don’t. I also have some with people; My best friend and Sister. (I will write a blog about them in more detail soon)

5. I can fit into children’s clothes and shoes. This is a right result, sometimes. I obviously get it all cheaper but sometimes I cant find things that don’t make me look 12.

6. I have always wanted to go shark diving. You know, when your lowered into the sea in a cage and the sharks can come up close to you. I want to do it so bad!!

7. I played football for 8 years. In different teams and for primary and secondary school. I was lucky enough to be picked to play in a tournament representing hertfordshire too and we won! Woohoo, go girls!

8. My newest hobby is making things on a sewing machine. Let’s not get any great ideas that I will start making any clothes or my own instagram business. It’s literally for fun and to pass some time. I am not that creative.

9. Im obsessed with having a bath. No matter the weather, hot or cold. If I don’t have a bath by 9 at night corr I’m a moody bitch. It is probably quite obvious that I get moody more often now due to having a baby. (I am currently writing this whilst in the bath)

10. I was bald as a baby until I was two years old and then it came through white blonde. Literally no hair at all, not one strand. Then my hair came through so white I looked like an albino. Thank god for hats!

I have had a good life, a strong family and friends. I have made lots of amazing memories by going to places all around the world. I have done things I regret in life and had some awful situations thrown at me along the way too. But right now, I feel very content. I put all my time and energy into Lennon so hopefully one day he can say the same thing.

Jade x