My best friend.

My best friend.

My best friend and I have been very close from the first day we met. We met at my first proper job in a day nursery and I promise you it was one of the best things to happen to me (cringy I know).

My best friend and I have been through so much together, good and bad. We are there for each other no matter what. We really have done some amazing things and travelled to some fabulous places.

My best friend and I talk everyday. We used to see each other every day, until she changed her job. Then we saw each other every week, then she moved away. We may not see each other as much now but that doesn’t mean anything.

My best friend and I make the most of our time together now, we take time to talk to each other and we make things last longer and mean more.

My best friend is always there, even if its just a text or a phone call. She always knows what the right things are to cheer me up. I know if I needed her to come back home she would fly over asap. Although we talk all the time, right now. I need a hug. Oh and a few shots of sambuca and a dance in Reflex.

My best friend means the world to me. I couldn’t have chosen a better friend to be Lennon’s God Mother.

“The bond between us will remain forever strong” – The Tattoo we both have together.

(^This is what I want to be doing^)

Jade x