Baby sensory.

Why is baby sensory so important?

Sensory play encourages scientific processes because problems are solved using the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. … By stimulating your child’s senses you are helping their brain develop because when a sense is engaged neural pathways are being created to assist with further learning in later years.


  • Mirror – I have put mirrors in front of Lennon for a while now and he doesn’t seem to take any notice of it but that doesn’t mean I will stop.
  • Phone – Lennon likes to look at my phone when I am using it, he follows my phone when I move it away and he has recently started to touch it with his hands. I have downloaded a really good app called ‘Mommy saver’. It’s lots of patterns in black and white that move and it plays music in the background.
  • Copy cat – We play copy cats a lot. This is so simple but very effective. When he sticks his tongue out, opens his mouth or makes a strange noise. I copy him. This is starting to show affect as now I sometimes stick my tongue out first and he copies me.
  • Face time – (Not face time on a iphone). This means being face to face with your baby for a longer period of time. This is where you can play the copy cat game.
  • Bubbles / Balloons – I have also played with bubbles and balloons with Lennon, he seemed to be a lot more interested in the balloons as I think they were easier to see. I just laid him down on the floor and let them fall down on top of him.

Why is it important to show babies black and white things?

In the first year of life there are limitations in babies’ vision and they respond well to simple, bold patterns with high contrast. These types of toys and resources support their visual development, inviting babies to engage whilst offering stimulation that will keep them captivated for short periods of time. The visual contrast encourages babies to explore the different patterns and textures offered, giving a multi-sensory experience to young explorers. Strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration. Why babies need black and white stimulation


  • Talking – I am always talking to Lennon, probably not about anything interesting but babies love the sound of the mothers voice.
  • Reading – I try to read a book to him after his bath and before bed but sometimes he just falls straight to sleep.
  • Singing – I am always singing to music I play on my phone, I have to have music on to get motivation to do any house work so It’s on a lot. Lennon smiles at me a lot when I sing to him. (Disclaimer – I can NOT sing).
  • Sound machine – (Ewan the sheep) Lennon is obsessed with the sound of rain, as soon as I play it on my phone or the sheep he soothes himself straight away. He is always very calm in his buggy when its raining too. I played the rain to help soothe him in the bath when I was trying to get him to enjoy bath time as well.

 Why do we talk in a funny voice?

“Talking in “parentese” – that baby talk that we do, characterised by higher pitch slowed down and exaggerated intonation might irritate some but apprently it has it’s benefits; slowing speech down and exaggerating sounds, also intorducing that “sing song” element to the voice is something babies like.” – How to play with a newborn


This one is a hard one to do with Babies but what I do is just have candles burning around the house. I like to use my wax melt burner. I light a candle for Lennon when he has his baths as I wanted to make it more relaxing for him as he didn’t like his baths at first.


This is obviously another one that I can’t do just yet, I will do an updated blog when he is older.


  • skin to skin – This is adviced to use straight from birth. I did this a lot in the beginning but not so much now as he is so long and I am so small. Lennon likes to dig his toes in to my body and pinch now so I have been giving that one a miss. (Skin to skin is helpful for Dad’s to bond with baby too).
  • Baby massage – I haven’t done a class but I have some worksheets I do it from. Its fairly easy to do and Lennon really enjoys it.
  • Hands & Feet – I like to rub/ hold his hands and feet, he seems to like it as sometimes he just holds onto my hand and wont let go.
  • Kicking – When Lennon is laying on the floor I like to put tissue paper or tin foil near his feet so he can feel the texture and hear the sound when he touches it.
  • Bath time – This is a perfect way for them to feel the water on the skin. Lennon now starts to splash which is lovely to see as he gets excited but I always get soaking wet.

Why do we do skin to skin?

“The baby is happier, the baby’s temperature is more stable and more normal, the baby’s heart and breathing rates are more stable and more normal, and the baby’s blood sugar is more elevated. Not only that, skin to skin contact immediately after birth allows the baby to be colonized by the same bacteria as the mother.” – The importance of skin to skin contact

I can’t wait for Lennon to be older so I can do more messy sensory play with him. I will do an update on a baby sensory blog in the future. Thanks for reading, please comment & subscribe so you don’t miss out on upcoming blog posts.




Jade x