10 week update

I remember telling people that I had 10 weeks left of my pregnancy and now he is already 10 weeks.

Lennon’s likes


Smiling –
He loves to smile at everybody at the moment, I always catch him just smiling at nothing in the corner of my eye. Its adorable.
He likes to lay on his play mat more now, he looks at the toys hanging and sometimes he even manages to hit them with his massive hands that he has.
Sleeping (still)-
For his day time naps now he prefers to be in the buggy or in his bed to get a longer sleep rather then little cat naps on the sofa. I can’t say I mind this as it gives me some more time to myself in the day.
As some of you are aware I say Boo to him a lot. Well now, he tries to giggle at it. So we have been playing peek-a-boo recently and he smiles the whole time.
Finally we have cracked bath time, he doesn’t use a towel, flannel or his bath sponge that I got him. He just lays in the bath and has started to splash around now. Bath times are beginning to become fun!

Lennon’s dis likes:


He gets super agitated if you don’t help him get his wind out within 0.5 seconds of him finishing his bottle.
Being alone-
He doesn’t like not being able to see anyone in the room with him when he is awake. When he is asleep it doesn’t bother him at all. So, when I am doing the cleaning I pop him in his buggy or rocking chair in the kitchen.

Current feeding and bedtime routine. 

Lennon into a routine of bath, bottle and bed now, occasionally he misses a bath or goes to bed a little bit later. He has been sleeping through from 8:30-6:30 but the past 3/4 days he has been waking up at 3am and not wanting a bottle or to go back to sleep. So I am trying to dream feed him at 11pm just before I go to sleep myself.
He is still obsessed with his Ewan the sheep and I find he wakes up more in the night if he doesn’t have his grow bag on. He sleeps on his belly in his sleepyhead too. (I am aware that its recommended that they lay on their backs but he won’t sleep on his back)
Lennon has less but longer naps in the day now rather then little 30 minute power naps all the time. I think this helps him sleeping through at night, but I could be wrong.

What have I learnt since my last update? 


I’ve learnt to be organised, you have to be with a baby. If you forget one thing it could potentially ruin the whole trip out. You even have to be organised at home, just cleaning and sterilising bottles is one main thing. I’m not sure how but I have managed to keep on top with all the washing and house work recently.

What else has happened since my last update?


Me and Gavin are starting to plan Lennon’s christening, we hope to do it in the summer. We have been looking at going on our first family holiday too. Lennon also got signed to a Modelling agency (USI Agency) & bran reps for an instagram shop which you can read more about in my previous posts.

Jade x