Baby Modelling.


I have had a few people recommend me to get Lennon into modelling so I did. I then had a few people message me on how to do it. So I have written a blog to fill you in about the things I know. (Please bare in mind I am also new to this)

As you are all well aware I spam my Instagram with pictures of Lennon. I had a very kind lady ask me if Lennon was with an agency or if I would like to put him into one. Unfortunately I didn’t like the sound of her agency so never went with them, sorry! But… My old manager from a nursery I work in directed me into the right direction. Her daughter is a model/actress and shes doing an amazing job already!

My friend gave me a few agencies to look at and apply for. I did this but didn’t seem to really understand or know if I was doing it right. I was so overwhelmed by all the different agencies, I literally had no clue what to do. I had no idea which ones were scams / ones that don’t provide enough work and so on.

Then one afternoon she was adamant in getting me signed by an agency and she did that indeed. She sent some emails to her daughters agencies with my information and pictures of Lennon, they contacted me straight away and I was signed the very next day. After the logistics and everything was sorted I was given a year’s contract and on their books.

It’s not even been a week since being on the books and we already have a casting date set. Casting’s are usually very short notice and don’t take long to actually take the shots. I know some brands and retailers like you to wear their own branded clothes and sometimes you have to change them a lot which can be a bit annoying. Also some brands and retailers will prefer the baby in their own clothes which I’m guessing would be much easier. Sometimes you have a big time slot (10am-2pm) so it’s easier to feed babies before hand but sometimes it’s a 10-20 minute slot which I am not looking forward too.

Most of the castings are in central London, if you are shortlisted for a casting further away they will pay travel. But if it’s just London you have to pay yourselves. Which isn’t too bad for me as we live quite close anyway. After the castings are done you will find out if you have been successful, if you are unsuccessful you may not ever hear from them again. To be honest I won’t get my hopes up that he will be successful, I will just try and forget about it after and hope for the best and hear from them if I am successful. I will just be super proud that he got chosen for the shoot in the first place.

Lennon is signed with USI Agency which is a non-sole agency, this means he can be signed with other non-sole agency. Where as some agencies are sole and with them you cannot be with more then one agency,

The Tip’s I have been given.

  1. Take a phone charger as the last thing you want is to be stranded in London with no phone.
  2. Take toys to entertain baby whilst waiting.
  3. Make sure there is plenty of milk (or snacks for older children).
  4. Hairbrush if the baby/child has long hair.
  5. A lunch for Mum!!
  6. Comfy clothes incase you do need to change inbetween shoots i.e joggers/rompers/babygrows.
  7. Check for parking if you are driving. (Ill be getting train so remember the travel card)
  8. Let the children get away with things they don’t normally, keep them happy at all times!
  9. Ask for all details, you don’t want to get lost or wear the wrong clothes.
  10. Have fun!! Make the most of the day.

The main things to remember is you don’t need to pay any upfront fee’s, you don’t need a portfolio (just use a camera and keep them plain, clean and tidy) and don’t expect to get a shoot straight away. Just think about how many children are on the books. Don’t take things to personally as the brand/retailer just might not be looking for someone like you.

If you have any tips for me please let me know, I will also be updating this blog in a few weeks/months to fill you in on how we are getting on.


Jade x