Why I kept my pregnancy a secret.

When is the right time to announce a pregnancy?

I personally didn’t want any body to know I was pregnant due to the fact my partner and I were still coming to terms with things ourselves. I didn’t need anyone else putting their two pence in.

The thought of telling the whole world on social media so soon was so daunting, everyone does it so quickly but why?

I like to keep my life as private as I can and to be honest I didn’t want everyone sticking their nose in where it wasn’t wanted. The people that needed to know knew as soon as I wanted them too.

I told a few people just before the scan and a few after. I didn’t really believe myself that I was pregnant for ages, even after my first scan I was still very apprehensive. I was so nervous to even tell family incase anything was to happen and I would then have to tell them bad news.

Announcing my pregnancy on social media at an early stage made me feel like I would get ‘fake friends’ messaging me. Telling me they have missed me, trying to give me advice, wanting to be ‘auntie’ or ‘god mother. Far from it, now f off!

Now i’m past the 30 week mark and I have everything prepared and sorted I would like to announce my pregnancy mainly for my family who don’t live close by. Social media is a brilliant way to stay connected to those that aren’t close and it’s a lovely way for them to feel involved.

Jade x


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