My traumatic hospital stay.

After my sisters had quick labors and was home the same day or at least the next day. I was very jealous of them after having a labor over 48 hours and a week stay in hospital.

I don’t know where to start with the hospital stay, apart from just telling you it was the worst week of my life and should have been one of the best weeks of my life after giving birth to my first baby.

So, Carrying on from my last blog, which I had an excellent response from, Thanks. I will be filling you all in with my hospital experience, and what an experience from hell it was.

A quick recap from the last blog, I gave birth then had to be rushed into theatre. Whilst in the recovery room after having surgery the midwifes found out I had caught an infection called strep A. This meant I needed to be put into isolation and wasn’t allowed to share a room with anybody else or have any visitors. Luckily I was allowed to still stay with my baby.

What even is strep A? That’s a whole other blog post. There is so many different parts to it, all I knew at the time was that its an infection in the throat which can be really dangerous for pregnant women and can be worse if it gets into your blood stream. Which it did.

Anyways… the lady in the recovery room was removed from the room immediately, the midwifes would only come into my room to speak to me if they had gloves, masks and aprons on and all my visitors got turned away. Just seeing them do that in the first hour caused me to become an emotional wreck. They treated me like I was diseased! I could hear them all gossiping about me in the hallway as the midwife station is right outside the room I was in. They didn’t close the door or even whisper when saying my name. I remember texting my mum and not answering to any calls because I was crying so much and I didn’t want anyone to know! It wasn’t until late that night that I rung my other half up and broke down, that being after not eaten for over 72 hours. Not only that I could hardly attend to my baby as I was bed bound due to having surgery, having a canula and a catheter in. (Which is not nice in itself). The midwifes also left me alone for hours, only checked on me every 4 hours to do my obs and didn’t give me the buzzer to call them. As I was bed bound I couldn’t get up to get it to ask for help either.

The next day I was told I would be in isolation for 48 hours, once my antibiotics had kicked in I would be allowed down to a ward. Every now and then the midwifes would come in and see me to check I was ok. I finally got my buzzer but was too scared to call them as they were all just so mean. I remember the first time I buzzed, it was because I needed more water (I had run out the night before) and I needed to change the baby and the bag was the other side of the room. Well, she was in such a rush to get back out, she picked the bag up and moved it onto a chair that I still couldn’t reach. I was then too scared to buzz again so I managed to move whilst being in agony and having to adjust with the catheter in.

My temperature kept going up and down throughout the days and nights and I had been told I have to stay in isolation until it was under control for 48 hours. Which is pretty much impossible whilst being in a boiling hot hospital. I kept getting really nice midwifes and then when the shift would change Id get a bitch again. I was kept in isolation for 4 days in total, with no hot meals and only having 2 snack boxes and two lots of tea and toast. Baring in mind I am gluten free that was pretty shit, I had to choose to either be in agony and eat the food or stay in hospital longer and not get better. I chose to eat the wheat. Finally I had my good midwife back and she was so shocked to see that I was still in the isolation room and not on the ward, within half an hour she had got doctors to come and visit me, got me some more food and sent me down to a ward. This felt like the best day ever to me even though by the time I got down to the ward it was 10:30pm at night. I could finally tell my family I was allowed visitors so I whatsapp my family group and told them all the good news and arranged for them to come up the following day.

Being on the ward was a totally different experience, still shit but compared to what I had just been through it was amazing. I was so excited for a shower more then anything, I hadn’t showered since I had given birth. RANK, I know. but I wasn’t allowed to leave my room or even get off my bed for that matter. It was the best shower ever even though I don’t think the feeling had come back in my legs yet and I was a bit wobbly. I also had breakfast and a hot lunch and dinner. The best thing of all was visitors, I loved speaking to people and getting to show off my new baby to people. I missed my other half so much too, it just wasn’t enough to just talk to him on the phone. Thank god for phones though, I would have gone insane without it throughout my whole hospital stay. I stayed on the ward for another 2 nights and was let home on Christmas eve. The one thing I didn’t want was to spend the day in hospital on Christmas day. I was allowed to go home as long as I carried on taking the antibiotics which were so hard to find we had to go back to get, and I am still on iron tablets and they think I will be for a while.

The whole time we was in the hospital the baby was on antibiotics (just in case because I had the infection before giving birth), observations checked every 4 hours like I was. But, the baby was fine the whole time, didn’t get the infection and only had the odd high temperature every now and then. The baby is super healthy and was throughout the whole hospital stay.

The thing that upset me the most about being in hospital for a week is I felt so sorry for my other half, I felt like I was so lucky to be spending time with the baby and he had only seen the baby for a few hours. I felt so guilty and it made me upset quite a lot but I had the baby there to also take my mind off things. The only thing that kept me sane was the baby, I knew I had to push through all the pain and heartbreak, I knew that as soon as we was home it would all be much better. And it was.

I have obviously written another essay and not even added half the traumatic things that happened and not gone into much detail at all. I personally don’t think you would want me to though. The main thing is we are home and much better now, bonding with all the family and making amazing memories already. We are so in love with the baby and cannot wait for our future together.

Thank you for reading, Please feel free to ask any questions. I hope no one ever has a traumatic experience like I did. Sorry there isnt any pictures.

Jade x


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