My Nan’s advice.

I wish I took my Nan’s advice at my baby shower!!
If you don’t want to read a blog about me ranting please leave now…
Today I did a poll on my Instagram asking advice from Mums if they think it’s Ok to give my 6 week old cooled boiled water or if I should wait until he is 6 months (like google said). Let me just say I will not be asking for any advice again.
The feedback I got from the poll wasn’t pleasant at all. I just wanted a simple yes/no answer but instead I got some hate through the DM’s. What rattled my cage the most was that it was mainly women that didn’t have children. I did get some really interesting feedback from other people too, thank you. I was told some really nasty things and it upset me at first until I stalked them and found out they didn’t even have children. I’m not an ‘evil’ Mum for wanting to help my baby and i’m pretty sure all the other things they said aren’t true either.
My lovely Nan has Alzheimer’s and can hardly remember what she done 2 days ago let alone what she did with her children but her advice on my advice slip at my baby shower was to not take advice. She said “You can listen to others opinions but don’t take advice, you will know what the baby wants/needs”. She is totally right and that’s the only advice I will take from now on.
Not that I need to justify myself but I was only going to give him cooled boiled water to help with constipation, which a lot of my mummy friends also did. From now on I will only do what I think is right.
Do you give your baby water?
Do you listen to other Mum’s advice?
Thank’s for reading,
Sorry it was a depressing blog.
Jade x