James Bulger: My view.

After watching the most recent programme about James Bulger (James Bulger – A mothers story) I felt like I had to put my view across even if it may cause any disagreement.

I’ve always been interested in a strange way about the whole story, I just never understood how children of such a young age could do such a horrendous thing to anyone let alone a younger child. I do already know a fair bit about the story as I had to study about it for an essay to pass my NVQ in Childcare. I have obviously always found the story heartbreaking but now I have my own son it upsets me a whole lot more.

I would just like to start by saying how brave his Mother is for speaking out, I don’t think I could ever cope with anything happening to Lennon especially something so awful.

James’ mother mentioned how she always held on tightly to the buggy no matter what she was doing  and the one time she let go was when he went missing. This just reminds me of when I was shopping in Primark last Wednesday and a policeman approached me and told me to keep hold of the buggy and my valuables as two women with buggy’s had their purses stolen whilst in the shop and they still hadn’t found the man. Just makes you think it can happen so quickly and sometimes people don’t even notice.

I can remember studying about the incident and just wondering how the boys could go through with what they did. The things they did do were repulsive and sickening and as a Mother I could never forgive them if they did that to my son. But… As the boys were so young when it happened it makes me strongly think that it was to do with the upbringing. After they would do the time they deserve in the right place I would of hoped they would have made a fresh start and sorted their lives out with new identities.

I’m not sure if some would say its to harsh or not but I do believe in the death penalty to a certain degree. If someone has been in and out of prison for similar things, been given several new identity’s and still cant seem to sort themselves out. Then I would much rather them face the death penalty then be paying for them to live a fairly easy life hidden away in prison. Jon Venebles has recently been brought back up on to our TV screens again for another crime related to children. In my eyes, he has had enough chances, Do you agree?

I have a lot of respect for the team that were working on the case and I imagine they found the whole thing really distressing too. You can tell when watching the programme that they were truly heartbroken. I’m not sure I could go back to work if I had to deal with something so agonizing.

The ways James’ mother manages to get by everyday is by talking about him still, she says she will only stop talking about him when she is then with him again. She keeps a seat for him at Christmas and at other special occasions. The family didn’t want James to be remember by ‘The boy that got murdered’ so they came up with a trust  to do something positive. (James Trust)

Even after all the information that’s come out about the investigation I still have so many questions that go through my head.

Why did it take 17 days in court? Why did they only get 8 years? What would I do if my son had done it? What secure unit should they go to? A adult prison or children’s section? Should they have been given new identities and be put under police protection?

There is so many un-answered questions and the list goes on and on.

Rest in Peace: (16th March 1990 – 12th February 1993)

James’ Poem:

“There’s not a day that goes by, 

that we think of you and cry, 

you brought so many happy days, 

we will always love and remember you James, 

may God keep you in his care until the day that we get there, 

goodnight and god bless little innocent babe”.

james bulger

After writing this blog post I am sat here bawling my eyes out and staring at Lennon sleeping in his cot. Sorry if this isn’t something you wanted to read or if you disagree with anything I said.

Jade x