Introducing baby Lucas.

It’s a boy!!

I would like to introduce you to my beautiful baby boy, Lennon Lucas. He weighed a whopping 7 pound 11 ounces, it’s my Mum’s biggest grandson and surprised us all as my bump wasn’t big at all. He entered the world at 1:25am on 18th December, one day before due date and two days after my labour first started. We didn’t have a name for him until he was two days old, poor bugger.

The reason I liked the name Lennon is because it’s unusual and not common. I also love the fact that his initials will be L.L. Another thing I really liked was that his nickname can be Lenny, He can also be called Len when he is an old man, he has his nicknames sorted for the rest of his life now.

Lennon has literally been a dream since being born, he is so calm and content. Only really cries when he is getting his nappy changed or when he wants a feed. He is eating and sleeping really well and we rarely get up before 9 o’clock.

We have been overwhelmed with messages, gifts and visitors and now Christmas is over we can focus more on making memories as a little family.

If you would like to see more pictures of Lennon, please feel free to check out my Instagram. Link on the contact page.

Jade x


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