Being gluten free.

was diagnosed with a wheat allergy back in 2012.

How I knew there was something wrong…

After being so poorly for months I knew there was something not quite right. I was being sick, having toilet issues, getting rashes all over my body, just feeling so lethargic all the time. Also the fact after every meal I would begin to look about 5/7 months pregnant, all depending on how much I had eaten I was having quite a bit of time off work as I was just so ill. I had been to the doctors numerous amounts of times and they were just giving me antibiotics or random other pills to pass the time. I suggested it could be an allergy to something maybe food as My Nan had not long herself been diagnosed with a wheat intolerance. They told me it wasn’t and just kept sending me home with different pills to take. In the end I had enough and did a food diary, it showed that every time I would eat something with wheat in that I would be sick or my belly would bloat and when I didn’t eat wheat that I would be fine. I then took the food diary to the doctors and they still brushed it off. I then asked for a second opinion and that’s when it finally got sorted. That’s when I found out I had a wheat allergy and I needed to change my diet completely. I was gutted.

How I coped with changing my diet…

I didn’t, I hated it, I was so used to being able to eat what I wanted and I had a very good appetite. I’ve always had a high metabolism too so never really put on any weight or been over 8 stone. After finding out I had to change my diet and that I had to try new foods as wheat is in pretty much everything I began to worry. Not only did I hate the food, I wasn’t eating enough so was loosing weight that I couldn’t really afford to loose as I was so skinny anyways. It used to really piss me off because people would say “do you even eat?” or “go eat some cake”. I don’t think some people understand how hard it is for some people to put on weight, I personally think its harder then loosing it but that’s just my opinion. I soon gave up with eating the food and I went back to my old diet, eating wheat even though I would suffer so much more.

Why I decided to give it another go…

After the supermarkets decided to finally get some more gluten free food in I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give it another go. There was beginning to become more and more choice in a few different shops. I was also suffering so bad and being in pain all the time was causing me to become a moody brat 99% of the time. My Nan and Myself would tell each other when we found out a new place to buy something or even if there was new products. Recently there is gluten free options in most restaurants, cafes and there is some sort of variety of food in supermarkets. Although some are better then others still, I now know where to shop to get what I want. Having to go to a few supermarkets just for my food can be quite annoying though and its so bloody expensive. My Mum now pretty much sticks to a gluten free diet now too and I often cook gluten free for my other half without him even knowing.

Some of the best places to eat out are:
Pizza Express
Frankie & Benny’s

Some of the best places to shop are:
Morrisons – My fave

I must admit the best place ever to buy or eat out is in Australia, I will soon write a blog about that trip.

At the end of the day, no one knows your own body like yourself so when you think something is wrong, keep going until you get the answer you think is right.

Jade x